Getting married in Ibiza. Your dream wedding on the white island

If you want to celebrate your wedding in Ibiza here you have a complete guide of the procedures to follow, the rates and the multiple options with which you count

Ibiza Is the island of love and shows of it is the number of people who decide to give themselves the 'Yes I want' here. In fact, there are many who already associate the words 'boda' and 'Ibiza' to the typical image of the ceremony on a deserted beach surrounded by guests dressed in white from the feet to the head with the sea in the background. You were visualizing right now! Well, this idyllic image has not been recorded only in the minds of the residents of the island but, year after year, The number of couples who opt to get married in Ibiza increases considerably, especially among the foreign public.Getting married in Ibiza

Obviously, The supply around this sector has multiplied In recent years and Ibiza has gone from being the honeymoon destination of many to be the beginning of the whole process.

There are infinity of restaurants, agroturismos and hotels dedicated to this type of events, as well as companies that are responsible for decoration, floral theme, or multimedia services that make getting married in Ibiza a dream within the reach of all.

The beautiful Ibiza landscapes

Another of the attractions that most influence the decision of To get married in Ibiza is to be able to do it In one of its beaches, cliffs, facing landscapes as evocative as the one of Es Vedra or even in the bastions from walled city of Dalt Vila. No doubt they are scenarios that none of the guests will ever forget and that will make your photos the envy of the rest. You only have to choose yours!

One of the most demanded options currently is the service of boyfriends arrival to the place of the boat link. En este sentido, Ibiza Calma make your precious llaüt, the typical boat of the Balearic Islands, so that your entrance is more than triumphant. There is no doubt that the contrast of the blue of the sea with that of your dress will be an image that few can erase.

Marry-in-Ibiza.-Weddings-IbizaYou can also book the boat to celebrate the bachelorette or to give a special touch to your Photo report.

The wedding banquet

One of the most important points to keep in mind when planning a wedding is the banquet. The distribution of diners and tables, choose a theme, take maximum care of the decoration ... And of course, have a team of first level for the development of catering.

At this point, you have to know The Chef Ibiza, a private company of chefs and catering specializing in weddings (they have come to prepare them for more than 300 guests). Count on foodtruck and portable bar to surprise your guests and give a unique touch to your celebration.

If you prefer to make the treat in a restaurant, hotel or agrotourism in which they take care of everything, you also have hundreds of options. In the following link we offer you some of the most popular:

Banquets in Ibiza

Organization of events in Ibiza

Churches in Ibiza

Wedding-in-Ibiza05The churches of the towns Ibiza have a special charm for its peculiar style. Formerly used as a refuge from attacks by pirates, its curious architecture will surprise you. Do not expect an immense cathedral, but a intimate and cozy place for that day so indicated.

The five municipalities of the island they have theirs and, in addition, in their beautiful villages you will also find small and charming temples that will captivate you. There are at least a few different 30!

Fashion Adlib

All have taken advantage of the pull of this new class of clients and those who have not been able to remain on the sidelines have been the designers of Adlib fashion. In fact, one of the main conditions of those who celebrate their wedding in Ibiza is that the Guests are dressed in a rigorous white.Casarse-en-Ibiza-Charo-Ruiz

Charo Ruiz, Pepa Bonett, Tony Bonet or Piluca Bayarri are just some of the dressmakers who have launched themselves into the Adlib wedding dresses, creating truly extraordinary pieces.

Wedding planners in Ibiza

Finding wedding planner in Ibiza will not be your biggest problem. This figure has become an essential for couples who do not want to go crazy organizing the event or do not have very clear how to execute the idea that goes through their heads.Boda-en-Ibiza

There are hundreds of companies and individuals that are dedicated to it so do not be afraid to run out of yours, surely there is someone around you who knows the perfect organizer and, if not, on the internet you know that you will be able to find the best known ones so that your wedding in Ibiza is unique.

'Ibiza for wedding' It is one of the best known companies on the island when it comes to organizing this kind of events. With a trajectory of 15 over years In this sector, your team of professionals takes care of each and every one of the details you need to make the day perfect. Since the bureaucratic issues to the location, going through the banquet, the photograph or the dj They have everything under control!

Ibiza Promise Wedding & Events is another important company of organization of weddings and events in Ibiza. Edu and Edith form the perfect team to organize your wedding from beginning to end. They themselves passed through the altar, so they know firsthand all the ins and outs of this beautiful sector. Bureaucracy, styling, banquet, accommodation, flights, music, decoration, lighting ... They leave nothing to chance since their main objective is to enjoy your day as much as they did.

Where do we start?

First of all you must be clear What kind of ceremony do you want? carry out. This is fundamental since the procedures are different. There are several options, but we will detail the most common:

-Ceremonia Catholic
It's a marriage Completely cool And the only condition That is requested is that at least one of the two fiances is Catholic.

If you want to marry for the Church, the first thing to do is get in touch with the pastor to give you a date and open the marriage file. From there, he will be the one who informs you of the steps to follow.

-Symbolic ceremony
This type of links they have no legal validity So, before, you should proceed to civil marriage in your place of residence. After this step, you can choose the kind of celebration that best suits your tastes.

Wedding-in-Ibiza06This is one of the most successful options tienen Among those who decide to give the 'Yes I want' in Ibiza, due to the multiple possibilities offered by the island.

-Civil marriage
In this case you should Go to the Civil Registry of your city, open a file for the procedure in question and submit documentation requested. The process can be extended up to three months and you must present your ID, passports or NIE in force, a birth certificate, the marriage certificate, sworn statements and proof of your place of residence during the last two years or a certificate from the Consulate if you live abroad.

If any of the bride and groom is not a resident, they must also provide the certificate of marriage or single status.

Once all these procedures have been completed, you can choose marriage in the Courts or the Town Hall. For esthetics, it is usually done in the latter place, but it must be taken into account that rates vary Depending on the consistory, the location or whether the councilor or ceremony official should move to a specific place (something that can not always be done).

Rates in Ibiza

Depending on municipality in which the wedding is performed the prices of a town hall or other can change. Note also that if one of the contracting parties is resident In Ibiza Or you have been registered here for at least three years you will enjoy up to 50% discount at the time of contracting the services.

Ibiza City Hall of Santa EulaliaCity Hall of San AntonioSan JuanCity of San José
The consistory ibicenco offers several locations To carry out the link and the municipal rates depend on the one you choose:
-Can Botino: A few 120 euros.
-Claustro of the convent of the Dominicans: Getting married in the cloister depends on whether or not it is occupied by some act of the City Council, so you should have a little more in mind the date. The price is 600 euros two hours.
-Baluarte de Sant Pere: The rate amounts to 600 euros for two hours.
-Baluarte of Santa Tecla: Here you would pay 600 euros for two hours.
-Baluarte de Santa Lucía: Thousand euros with a duration of two hours.
If one of the couple is from Ibiza or has been registered on the island for three years, at these rates should be applied 50% discount and, if instead of two hours, the occupation of the space amounts to six prices are duplicate.

It should also be noted that while in Can Botino and in the Cloister already have the necessary chairs and tables, in the bastions no, so it is an extra expense that would run on account of the bride and groom.

If we choose to get married in the same consistory the price amounts to 200 euros if the link is held on the weekend and 150 if it takes place midweek during office hours.

If what you prefer is marry outside the town hall, one of the councilors must move to the place where you organize the event to officiate, which means an expense of 300 euros. All pending the application of the discount for being a resident.

The consistory offers you the option of get married in the plenary hall, which has a cost of 120 euros in working hours and 240 outside these hours or Saturdays.

If you marry in any of the municipalities of Sa Punta de's Molí, the rates are 180 euros in office hours and 300 out of it or on Saturday. If any of the contractors are registered for more than 12 months in the locality will have a discount of 50% in these rates.

Marry in the consistory of this municipality has a cost of 120 euros if you do it from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 14.00 hours.

In case you get married in the afternoon or weekend, the price is 250 euros. All this without realizing the resident discount.

Wedding celebration in the consistory is free for residents provided they are held Monday to Friday from 9.00 in the morning to 14.00 hours. For non-residents it has a cost of 100 euros. Residents who want to get married in the afternoon or on Saturday morning will have to pay 50 euros (150 non-residents). While if the ceremony is performed on Saturday afternoons, Sundays or holidays the price is 100 euros and 200 for non-residents.

If the celebration is concluded outside the City Hall are 150 euros for residents and 300 for those who are not.

(This data may be modified)

Separation of Property

All those links that are carried out in the Balearic Islands will be under the provincial law of the islands. In Ibiza and Formentera to marriage agreements (agreement between the spouses signed before notary to decide the economic regime of the marriage) they are called 'espolits'. In case of not having agreed any type of 'espolit' before or during the marriage, the legal matrimonial economic regime is that of the absolute separation of goods, that is, each spouse keeps his own assets and the acquisitions and capital gains obtained during the marriage.

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