Do you know where to eat calçots in Ibiza?

Eating calçots in Ibiza is a trend. Restaurants know it and more and more are preparing them on the island. We tell you where to try the best

Is there anyone who has not been proposed to go 'calçotada' this winter? Undoubtedly, calçots have conquered young and old becoming a fashion that threatens to stay and we are delighted! TO Eat calçots in Ibiza!

Calçot is nothing more than a variety of garlic (No onion, although its flavor is closer to the latter). They are typical of Catalonia, specifically Tarragona, y They are consumed from late winter to early spring.

These stems are not prepared on the grill, but rather they must be made on the flame, until your coat is completely black. After this, they are left to rest so that they continue to cook only with the heat they have accumulated.

They are usually served on newspaper or on tiles and are the perfect incoming for a good barbecue or, as we say in Ibiza, 'torrada'.

Eating them is a ritual, perhaps the most entertaining in history. You have to Take them from the top, lift them and pull the outer layers. Once you have peeled the calçot, it gets wet in Romesco sauce, made with tomato, bread, garlic and almonds and hazelnuts, among other ingredients. Raise it over your head, open your mouth wide and inside! The hands will be completely black and there are places that accompany the plate with large bibs, so it can happen with the sauce.

If you are curious and you want to try a good calçotada, we tell you In which restaurants can you eat calçots in Ibiza. The more you are, the more entertaining!


Restaurants where to eat calsots in Ibiza03

As we are used to, the team of the Bar Can Berri He organizes a good dance in his calçotades in Ibiza. From midday until late afternoon, they serve calçots, beef and coffee caleta for little more than 18 euros. But the thing does not end there. Live music is another of its strengths. Different groups of the island turn the garden of Can Berri into their stage and they give everything on it. Food, drink and music, can you ask for more?

We recommend you be aware of the dates. They are published months before they start but, even so, they fill up in a few days


Restaurants where to eat calsots in Ibiza03

And famous Can Xarc restaurant has conquered many residents thanks to the quality of their dishes and their fun proposals. Undoubtedly, one of the most appreciated are its 'calçotades'. They prepare them with calçots with denomination of origin of Valls, Tarragona, where they originate from. You can try them on weekends until mid-April, approximately.

To secure a table in the Santa Eulalia brasserie, call and reserve!



You must be aware of their social networks as they announce their calçotades in them. The best thing is that they are usually accompanied by live music and that, generally, the calçots they prepare come from their own organic garden.

Do not think twice and sign up for the next one in the beautiful terrace of It's Caliu. Yes, reserve a table!

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