Eating in Ibiza for less than 10 euros

We have compiled a series of restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Ibiza Do not worry about leaving with an empty wallet!

In Ibiza it eats well. It is clear that there are always exceptions, but surely most of us agree that it is like that, right? Our gastronomy is rich and the best products, hence with working a little you get delicious dishes.

What is also true is that Eating or dining out is not cheap. Raise your hand who has not once pronounced the mythical phrase "because in Madrid you order a beer and they put a lid on you with what you already eat." Granada, Asturias, wine, soda, portion, plate ... Any of its variants serves.

At the moment, in Ibiza we have not found bargains of such caliber, but we do have a selection of restaurants in which for 10 euros or less you can fill your crop, because eating cheap in Ibiza is possible! Bon appetit!

Can Bufí Bar, Ibiza They make a great menu of the day for only 9,50 euros. First course, second, dessert and drink, that's nothing!

Industrial Ibiza Restaurant There is no letter here! Choose between exquisite tapas or a varied menu for 9,95 euros (with drink and dessert!)Restaurant-Industrial-Ibiza13 house, Figueretas, Ibiza. Eggs, piadinas, sandwiches, vegetarian cuisine ... All at an irresistible price!


Go bene Ibiza A hamburger in which to eat or dine at any time of the day or night without leaving part of the salary.


Chill Café, Ibiza First course, second and dessert for just 6 euros! Hard to beat, right? It is also suitable for vegetarians.


Torö Ibiza, San Antonio Located in front of the sea and with an aesthetic of the most striking, you can try one of its rich gourmet sandwiches with chips and drink from 7 euros.

Bull Ibiza Sports Bar

DeGustibus Restaurant, Cala de Bou, San Antonio. In this original place you can taste the real Italian food without passing the 10 euros.


Can Mestre, Saint Joseph. An authentic place in the town of es Cubells where good quality is not at odds with the price.


Can Tommy, Sant Jordi, San José. One of their thin and crunchy pizzas cooked in a wood oven and a drink will hardly go beyond the 10 €.


  1. says

    Sa Tapeta, Chillcafe Ibiza, Can Tommy, Bar EsPuig, Zebra Steak & Grill, La Repanotxa, Casa 13 Piadina, Brasas Isidoro macabich 59, Degustibus Ibiza Restaurant, Bar-Grill can Mestre, Va Bene Ibiza

  2. Tommy says

    Can Tommy restaurant aside from its rich wood-fired pizza, you can enjoy a rich kebab and a cane or soda for only 8 € !!!! Very good note. Greetings Tommy

  3. Generåle Kikkø van Pintjes says

    And also the Parsley in Sant Augustin Avenue. .. free buffet menu at 6.50 euros!

  4. Sabrina Van Roy says

    Fayah Eenhoorn

  5. Matthew Verity says

    Julieta Villagran

  6. Piccolo Alfredo says

    Also to the delizia di italia av.san agustin 88b menu drink and homemade dessert 9.90
    You pass to eat!

    1. Rut Homes says

      Do you have addresses ?????

    2. Piccolo Alfredo says

      Of course .. the girls at the bar are very friendly!

    3. Rut Homes says
  7. Jorge Denbossa says

    Now try the same post with the 10 euros and clubbing hahahs

  8. Wanda Font says

    Vincent Fernandez

  9. Rizilosa Doscuatro says

    Bar without name, c / Madrid San Antonio.
    Opposite market Pagés
    There is no menu but there are super mounted XL 3 €
    And super nibble 5 €
    Dishes combined or ...
    Cane and pintxo

  10. Roxy Capacchione says

    Also osteria taverna!

  11. Pablo A. Hidalgo-Bello says

    Falucho, passage aljemesí, santa eulalia

  12. Fernando says

    Good morning
    You have certainly made a good selection. Rich and economic, of course there are some more. You can try it in BAR AS AT HOME. In Murcia street, near post office. Ibiza.
    Here as in other places in Spain, you can also say (because at home you order a cane and you get a lady cap). Prune it

  13. Mary Martinez says

    Jose Lopez Costa

  14. Charlie Lopez says

    Isabel MG

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