If you want to register in Ibiza this is what you need

We explain in detail the steps to follow to register you in Ibiza or in any of the municipalities of the island

Check In brings with it a series of advantage. The most interesting is usually the Famous discount for residents in air fares and boat tickets, Which reaches the 50%. However, being registered in your municipality as well allows institutions to adapt and improve their public services. It also makes possible your right to vote And that you can take advantage of Certain discounts In the activities that you manage, for example, your city council.

To register in Ibiza you will need to, like is logic, To be living on the island. Also get yourself some time, you know that to carry out this type of management, some patience is necessary.

The first what you should do is Make an appointment by calling 901 101 305 (usually take about 10 days). When you have it, you will have to address to the address of the Municipal Register of Inhabitants. It is located on Canarias street number 35 and the opening hours are Monday through Friday from 8.30 to 14 hours.

Note that if you are Spanish you will have to present the ID (original and photocopy). If you're foreigner of the European Union el identity document of the country of origin in force and the certificate of the Central Registry of Foreigners. Finally, If you do not belong to the European Union You will have to show your Passport or residence card in force.Padron-Ibiza

The following will be show that you live in Ibiza by means of a contract. At this point two possibilities come into play:

  1. You'll be Owner of the property. In this case you must present a simple registry note (maximum age of three months) or a IBI updated receipt (original and photocopy).
  2. That you live for rent (minimum duration of six months). If you are renting a home and your name appears in the original lease you must carry that contract, Both the original and a photocopy. Note that the document should appear in the cadastral reference. If you do not see it, you can ask the tenant to give it to you. In addition, you will be asked a paid receipt for the current month and the standard sheet that will facilitate you in the offices of the register or you can print through the web of your city council.
    If your name does not appear on the contract the documents you need are different. You have to bring a photocopy of the DNI of the owner of the house and another of the DNI of the contract holder. Original and photocopy of Contract and the same standard sheet Cited above. In addition, you will need to submit Two model forms M024, One completed and signed by the owner and another by the contract holder. You can get the form in the Padron's office or on the website of the session.

If there is Minor documentation to contribute changes.

El maximum resolution and notification period is About three months, However, can vary from one municipality to another.

In the following links you will find all the information you need to register in Ibiza or in any of its municipalities:

  1. Wake says

    Hello! I have a doubt, someone knows how long it takes to grant the registration. Here you put limit 3 months, but to get a rough idea. Thank you very much!

    1. Lola Maria says

      Varies a lot depends on the time of year that is etc ... It can take from a few days to three months.

  2. Abdeslam says

    How long it may take to grant the accreditation thanks

  3. true says

    Hi, I wanted to know how to obtain the certificate from the Central Registry of Foreigners if I am a community citizen. Thank you

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