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Ibiza is one of the favorite destinations of the LGBT community for the freedom that is breathed on the island and the multitude of areas of environment that it has.

Ibiza has always been characterized as a place barrier-free, tolerant and open-minded. Already in the late 60 and early 70 years the hippies installed on the island known as "free love" and from the 80 the LGTB collectives forged an unbreakable link here.Ibiza-gay2

Currently, Ibiza figure among the favorite destinations by gay people worldwide, not only because we are one of the largest representatives of the famous slogan "live and let live", but because over time has been expanding its offer and targeting the gay group.

Ibiza Gay Pride

This year Ibiza repeats the festival Ibiza Gay Pride under the motto 'Full color', which will take place from the sixth to the twelfth of June in different areas of the island. A week full of performances, exhibitions, parties and vindication, which will include guests of the stature of Marta Sánchez, in charge of reading the manifesto.

Ibiza-gay-prideAt 2015 the island winked at this segment with the organization of the first Ibiza Gay PrideqIt was held in the harbor area and in several beaches and discos at the same time. Thus, it tried to recover a market that little by little had lowered the rate in the island. Among the acts that were carried out, it was possible to enjoy exhibitions of photography, musical performances, talks or a protest march for the rights of the LGTB community.

Beaches and coves with gay atmosphere

It's Cavallet has become the beach with the best gay atmosphere on the island. The air of freedom you breathe in it is unmatched. Lots of couples fill their crystalline waters every year and the tables of the Chiringay, the most popular chiringuito among this public.Ibiza-gay

The end of the beach of Salinas it is also a meeting point for them, as well as some of the most beautiful coves on the island, Figueretas o Talamanca.

Neighborhoods of gay Ibiza

Without place to doubts the street of the Virgin, in the neighborhood of the Marina, is the gay area par excellence. There are many clothing stores, erotic shops, restaurants, pubs or discos oriented to the gay community. The atmosphere of this street in summer is most festive and respectful.

Ibiza-gay-street-of-the-virginYou can not skip your step through bars like the Dome, the 22 or the Angelo and, of course, you should move to the inside of the historic helmet to know the discotheque Amphora.

Figueretas is also a neighborhood that has been able to adapt perfectly to this type of tourism. Along its beautiful promenade you will find gay friendly bars and hotels with a modern and caring style. Go for the bar Chaos, Magnus Ibiza or the hotel apartments Cenit They will treat you to luxury!

Likewise, San Antonio has its bars and hotels destined to these tourists. Simply by taking a stroll through its streets you will find them but, to name a few, The Purple Hostel has become a reference for them.

Environment parties

Of course, the LGTB community has always had a major influence on Ibiza and, therefore, in its parties, making some of them the best known nationally and internationally.

Gay-Ibiza-MatineeHow not to mention the famous festivities the Troy o Morning in the Discotheque Amnesia Ibiza which, conceived at the outset for a gay audience, have pierced any sexual barriers entertaining millions of people around the world.

SuperMartXé, In the discotheque Privilege Ibiza, is also one of the best known by the gay community, but equally frequented by all kinds of people.

These are just some of the places most recommended by this tourism to the upside that Ibiza prides itself on and grows year after year.

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