Goodbye Kika, thanks for so much love

Kika, you were always punctual like a clock. Never missed the snack time, but this time you decided to go ahead and leave early

"Take the dog to the office." If you search for this phrase in Google, the results are many and are always related to the benefits of this action.

At we have been lucky to enjoy all these advantages since we were born, ten years ago, when Kika came to this house. Being just a puppy sat before the computer screen to monitor everything that was done in the portal And not only that! The little carlina stood out as a model in one of our reports and made the visits multiply.

His days in the office were exhausting. No one slept like you! More than once you won the title of employee of the month, and is that with your face you were forgiven even those snoring that we envied when we overflowed work.

No one knows how to sharpen the senses as you did. The ear worked only when it was strictly necessary. You barked at anyone who tried to enter the office, no matter how silent. You lost some hearing when we tried to make you come to your senses with some small reprimand and, surprisingly, you regained it as soon as someone opened a bag of food around you. You did not miss one.

Sunbathing was also good for you, however, opening the door made it difficult for you. We got up from the chair so many times a day to open up that sometimes it seemed like you were trying to figure out how far our patience got and, you know? Be assured that we would continue to rise once and a thousand times more.

Lately you were a little bit cranky. You growl over the bill, but nobody likes that the first thing they tell you when they see you is «oops! How chubby you are! And that happened to you a lot ...

You were always punctual like a clock. You never forgot the time of the snack, when you got up from the basket to scratch with your paws the table until you got your reward. But this time you decided to go ahead and leave early.

You leave us a huge pain, but also a huge desire to continue with this project that has been growing at the pace you did. We still do not realize how much we're going to miss you. We will always be grateful to you for having taught us what unconditional love is that only a companion like you could have given us.

Thanks for much love. Until forever, Kika!

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