Gymnastics for pregnant women in Ibiza and for parents and children

Are you looking for a gym for pregnant women in Ibiza or to go with your little one? Yoga, Pilates, connection in pregnancy ... Discover where to go!

It is scientifically proven that sport has multiple health benefits. And what better to include it in our habits when the body goes through situations of change? More and more pregnant women who decide not to abandon their sports routine during the nine months. It is true that it is not advisable to practice any discipline, but there are several that are advisable and that, in fact, have become widely popular among them. He pilates or the yoga They are two of the most demanded. Think about it, I'm sure you know someone who has practiced them during pregnancy!

The centers gym classes for pregnant women in Ibiza they multiply little by little, as well as the professionals who are trained to give workshops oriented to this public.

And not only that, but there are also spaces where children are welcome and actively participate in the courses.

Have you been Mom and do not want to give up your yoga sessions? In Ibiza you will always find some academy or even a specialized shop in children where you can enjoy interesting workshops or classes with your child. In addition, courses designed to connect with him through massages or porteo, among other methods.

If you have decided to stay active during pregnancy or share with your baby the benefits of sport, in these centers of Ibiza you can achieve your goal.

  • PILATES IBIZA, Ibiza. One of the pioneering studios in offering Pilates classes for pregnant women in Ibiza. Professionals that will help you feel great during and after pregnancy. Call and find out about the 0034 971 194 782
  • AL·LOTS IBIZA, Santa Eulalia. The childcare and children's fashion shop regularly organizes different workshops. One of the most successful is prepartum gymnastics. You must reserve your place! Contact them through the 0034 971 336 460
  • OM YOGA AND THERAPIES, Sant Jordi. If you have also discovered the benefits of yoga, you do not have to leave it during pregnancy. In Om Yoga and Therapies they teach courses for pregnant women and even for children. Phone: 0034 665 253 423.
  • SAN RAFAEL PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTER, San Rafael. They perform Pilates for pregnant women and prep classes, among other sessions aimed at improving your health during gestation. Get in touch with 0034 695 900 649
  • CREATIVE FITNESS, Ibiza Pilates for pregnant women You can check schedules and sessions by calling 0034 637 193 032.
  • NADONS, Club de Campo, Sant Jordi. A room for moms, daddies and babies. In it various workshops and activities are held throughout the year. Check your schedule by calling 0034 696 681 953
  • THE CLASSICAL ROOM PILATES IBIZA, Sant Jordi. Also in the Sant Jordi Country Club you will find this space in which they perform training based on the Pilates method and fitness only for pregnant women. Phone: 0034 649 909 862
  • KANGATRAINING IBIZA. Outdoor walks, dancing, relaxation, exercise ... Everything with your baby! Find out about the 0034 630 243 134
  • HUGS, San Antonio. In this store they organize different activities designed not so much to exercise but rather to the connection with your baby. These include massage courses, porteo workshops, first aid or connection in pregnancy. More info on the 0034 654 306 245
  • CARICIAS FOR ALL LIFE. As in A-Brazos, it is not so focused on the exercise itself, but focuses on the relationship with your child. His specialty is the workshops of massages for babies. Through the 0034 657 653 918 will give you all the information you need.

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