10 Reasons why welcometoibiza is the best App in Ibiza

Discover why you will be much happier with the welcometoibiza app on your mobile! The best App with all the information of Ibiza


Why download 20 applications when you can have it all in one? That's what the Ibiza app welcometoibiza, the information needed to be an expert knowledgeable about the island and what moves in it. If it is the favorite of the people who live in Ibiza, it will be something!

We are convinced that it will become a indispensable to organize your day to day and find out first of all what happens here.

If you have not done it yet Discharged, you damos 10 Reasons for you to do it We have both version for iOS as for Android and it does not take much, your phone for your stuff!

  1. DISCOVER THE ISLAND. Whether you live in Ibiza or come on holiday, there will always be corners to know. We have visited them to share them with you! You have a cultural Ibiza, a family Ibiza, a sports Ibiza, areas, flea markets and much more.
  2. PLANS FOR TODAY. It's wrong that we say it, but we have the cultural and events calendar More complete. In addition, we update it daily. Choose the day you want and discover to what plan you are going to sign up, there will surely be at least one that you like, minimum! ; D
  3. BEACHES AND CALAS. Do you want to know what beach is that you have so seen in photos? Do not you know how to get there? We tell you We have the Top beaches and coves of Ibiza and we show you in 360º.
  4. PURCHASES AND SERVICES. We give you information about hundreds of businesses and services on the island such as hairdressers, clothing stores, tattoo studios, accommodation and all kinds of alternative therapies ... What you seek!, with everything you are interested in, schedules, all the details, photos, geolocation ...
  5. GO PARTYING. We do not miss any of the Ibiza parties. From the big clubs, beach clubs, lounges and bars to boat parties. Do you want to know who clicks, everything related to that event, power sign up for a free or discounted list or buy the ticket directly?
  6. LUNCH OR DINNER. What cooking class you fancy? Homemade, Italian, typical Ibizan food ... In what way? type of restaurant? Romantic, economical, on the beach, menu ... You can see their schedules, their location, recommendations, photos and reserve your table, what do you think, useful truth?
  7. CULTURAL AGENDA. In this section you can find out what interests you most by sections, These Looking for a job in Ibiza ?, Do you want to know what is the next sporting event on the island? Alternative and different plan? A little live music? ¿Yoga or open day ?, Are you entertained for a while reading our magazine? Whatever your tastes, you will use it.
  8. CLICK ON MAPS. Map of Ibiza in the palm of your hand, with the towns, the markets, the beaches, you will even be able to see every day the events that are near you, We have the most interesting of the island geolocated for you!
  9. PARTY CALENDAR. Select the day you want to leave and we list all the parties you can go to. What's more, you can buy the tickets directly from the app. DO IT !, it's very easy and very comfortable!
  10. WEATHER. Do you want to know exactly what time you can see the sunset in Ibiza? If it's going to be good or will you have to take out the umbrella? The time every day and for hours !!!
  11. We've said ten, but we're going to give you a tip. Best of all and most amazing is that IT'S FREE! Try it, in addition to making us very happy, we assure you that you will find it super useful and you will like it as much as we do.


  1. TheMundoDeMariaOnline says

    Purchases! Purchases! I want shopping for women's clothing with discount online! You also have it in the APP, yes?

  2. Welcometoibiza.es says

    We have purchases too!
    There is a shopping and services section. You get photos, schedules, phones, it tells you how to get to each business, you can add them to favorites, and texts with all the information of each place, in addition to English, French, Italian and Spanish.
    Thank you!

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