Erotic Ibiza

Ibiza is the perfect place to let your imagination fly. Nudist beaches, local oriented to the enjoyment of sex, erotic shops ... Discover the spiciest Ibiza!

Freedom. A word that, in general, is directly associated with Ibiza. A freedom that is applied in a large number of aspects and that is strongly linked to Eroticism that the island gives off.

El hippie movement at the end of the 60 years it had a great weight in Ibiza. His famous sexual revolution was based on the "Free love", without complexes, without rules, without modesty. A kind of love that had a lot to do with tolerance, a concept linked to Ibiza that, fortunately, lasts today.

Lust, sensuality and eroticism coexist here throughout the year. However, with the arrival of good weather, thermometers do not just shoot up. The heat, the little fabric of go-go dancers and bathers or suggestive fashion Adlib they help the temperature increase.

Do it alone or as a couple, knowing the authentic Erotic Ibiza is simple and exciting. We want to guide you with some tips, anecdotes and places to open your mouth. The rest, we leave it to your choice!

Remember everything is permitted here, always under the base of respect and tolerance.

Welcome to the island of daring!



Okay, it's a luxury that we can not all afford, but Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel has the perfect room to unleash your fantasies: the suite 'Anything Can Happen'. Sensual shower system, aromatherapy, wine bar, a King Size bed, several sofas and a suggestive erotic kit. In addition, if you are one of those who are inspired outdoors, has a large terrace with incredible views and a tempting jacuzzi.


Did you know is Cavallet, in San José, was the first nudist beach in Ibiza and one of the pioneers in all of Spain? Besides being a spectacular beach, it has a very lively atmosphere and it is definitely a must for gay tourism. If with such a panorama you notice that your blood starts to boil, you should know that the dunes of the beach have become one of the favorite places for tourists and residents to practice cruising.

More nudist beaches in Ibiza.


-Liberty Club Ibiza, Port des Torrent (bay of San Antonio). Dress sexy and elegant and get ready to meet Liberty Club Ibiza, the only liberal erotic disco on the island. Enjoy its suggestive parties alone or as a couple, dance, have a drink, interact or observe. You decide how far you want to go, always with respect and following rules of hygiene and behavior. Mobiles are prohibited in the room, as well as the entrance to minors of 18 years.

Liberty Club Ibiza is, as Daniel, its owner, assures, "a liberal disco where everything is possible, without obligations." A place where the good atmosphere predominates and a clientele of the most cosmopolitan.


-BDSM Art & Fetish. AWe are submissive, servants, singles, couples, groups ... everyone is welcome at this spicy place in the center of Ibiza. A space where you can put into practice most of your sexual desires: spsychological, transformism, taming of dog, foot fetish, mummification, bondage, English discipline ... The only thing you need to participate is desire and follow rules of hygiene, consensus and good behavior.

-Lío Club, Ibiza The Cabaret de Lío Ibiza is also the most spicy. Transparencies, lace, feathers, provocative dances and artists with a heart attack. Eroticism in its purest state!

-Street of the Virgin. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and sexual streets of Ibiza. Located in the port, it is followed by a large number of gay bars, many of them famous for their dark rooms. You will also find sex clothes and toys stores and even an erotic ice cream parlor.


Still do not know Miss Lilit? The experts in erotic toys of this curious company organize fun tupper sex in which, in addition to having a great time, you will learn about sexual health.

Eva and Patri, their advisers in Ibiza, will make you spend a little while as you enjoy teaching you to enjoy yourself, alone or as a couple. They will solve any doubt that you may have and they will show you the most novel and pleasant gadgets of the market. And what better to do in the company of your faithful friends? The laughs are more than assured! And be careful, because not only the girls are invited. In Miss Lilit's tupper sex the boys are welcome! Mixed tuppers with toys and tips for them too!

If you want to hire a tupper sex in Ibiza, either for a bachelorette party or for a simple meeting of friends, contact Eva through the (+ 34) 665 989 800 or with Patri (+ 34) 625 103 540 or write an email to

If you want to gossip a little more, you can do it by entering the profile of Miss Lilit on Facebook.


-Erotic & Chic Beatriz and Vicente have more than 10 years in front of this erotic shop, one of the most famous on the island. In it you will find everything you need to leave sexual monotony behind. The best? The fantastic treatment that both of you offer!

-Senses Ibiza. Located in the center of Ibiza, they have all kinds of items for you to enjoy your body alone or as a couple. Lubricants, oils for massage, dildos, vibrators, fetishes, erotic lingerie, spicy games ... You decide!

-Burdelier Ibiza. A surprising store, with a suggestive nod to the burlesque, where you can buy lingerie for your nights of passion. In addition, they also have for sale some other daring accessory.

-BDSM Art & Fetish. As we have already mentioned, it is a cocktail bar in which practically everything is allowed but, in addition, in it you will be able to make different toys.

-Lusty Ice Have you ever eaten an ice cream shaped like a penis, vulva or breast? In the ice cream shop on Calle de la Virgen Lusty Ice you can do it.


-Ibiza has been the protagonist of several erotic literary works.

The writer and poet Toni Roca edited a pornographic poems entitled 'La figa fràgil'. Roca himself defined his work as "a kind of dirty, dirty and pornographic poetry." There is nothing!

For its part, the writer, photographer and designer Ana Olivia Fiol published in 2018 'The island of amber', a black novel full of eroticism that takes place on the island. It will hook you from page one!

Interview with Ana Olivia Fiol.

-In 2018 docked in the port of Ibiza a erotic cruise for liberal couples. More than 300 swingers enjoyed the 'Play room' of the Amazara Quest and the erotic theme parties that were organized on board every day.

-Also at 2018, the MiM Hotel in Ibiza hosted one of the most popular erotic parties in the world. Organized by the exclusive 'Skirt Club', it is an event for women only where they can experiment with other women.

-According to him Study of Sex Products on the Internet, during 2018 the average expenditure on erotic toys of the Ibicencos exceeded that of the Spaniards. Specifically, he almost doubled it!

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