Ibiza for Instagramers

Welcome to the Ibiza for Instagramers! We are going to take a walk through the corners that can not be missing in the album of your holidays in Ibiza. Can you come with us?

Are you one of those who spend half the trip looking for the perfect photo to awaken envy on Instagram or any other social network?

It is increasingly fashionable not to leave social networks or on vacation. The objective? Get 'THE PHOTO'. Yes, well, in capital letters and bold. That photograph that makes likes of your publication reach the record number.

Each city has its places «Instagramables», And Ibiza is not less. Surely without thinking too much, even without having been on the island before, you associate it with certain photos, right? Sometimes, that a picture is worth more than a thousand words is true.

Well, in order to record your trip to Ibiza, we are going to take you to those corners that occupy the first positions in Instagram. So that you also have the photon that evidences that you have not lost anything.

It depends on you and your camera that you want to make the typical photo or give it a twist.

Ready to discover the Ibiza for Instagramers?


If you forgot to upload the typical picture of the boarding gate screen, do not suffer! Just landed you can inform your followers where you are. On the facade of the airport you have written in huge letters both 'Ibiza' and 'Eivissa', in different colors. Sonríeeeeeee!

Ibiza vacations
Catch yourself in the picture or take out only the citadel. Everyone will know where you are without labels!

The most representative silhouette of the island has become the photo par excellence. You can do it from the feet of Portal of ses Taules, from the viewpoint of the port of Ibiza, from the promenade or, if you want, climb to the citadel and take out only the cathedral. You are the expert, but you have to be on your Instagram, yes or yes!


Es Vedrà, that impressive islet that emerges from the sea in front of the beach of Cala d'Hort, is one of the best models for your photo. It will not fail you, because it always comes out perfect! If you want to curl the curl, we are sure that if you take it out at sunset your likes they will multiply.

Ibiza vacations
The color of the water in cala Conta will leave your followers speechless

We can not raise any beach to the nets, the more turquoise its water, the better! In this case, the photo in cala salada It is a success. It is also, although it may be more visible, that of Cala Conta, in front of the s'Illa des bosc islet. The contrast of colors in the sea will make you get a good bunch of hearts in your photo!


For those who go a step further and want to capture a snapshot of that hippie and free Ibiza that is so much talked about. On Sundays, when the famous batucada is celebrated in Benirràs, it is the ideal day to photograph all kinds of characters saying goodbye to the sun.

Anyway, if you go any other day, the photo in front of the islet of Es Cap Bernat, is just as mythical.

Ibiza vacations
Sunset in Es Vedrà. On your back, touching the sun, jumping ... you know!

A sunset over the sea is always beautiful and in Ibiza you will not need filters so that your photo speaks for itself. Let's forget about the overexploited Café del Mar and look for the capture in Cala Conta, Benirras o Punta Galera.

The sunset in cala d'hort it is another of the snapshots that go through the walls of networks without stopping. If you want, you can try to take it from the Torre des Savinar (also known as pirate's tower). You have a long walk to her, but your post will earn points.


The room of Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza with a bathtub overlooking the sea is the most to put the long teeth to your Instagram and part of the others.

However, if the budget does not allow for so much, you can visit the incredible Agroturismo Atzaró Ibiza and make the envied photo in your pool, surrounded by orange trees and with the sign 'LOVE' in the background. The agrotourism itself is the ideal background for any shot.

If you are looking for a more modern and casual touch, the Concept Hotel Group hotels are the best. In Cubanito Ibiza Suites, Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel or in Tropicana Ibiza You can get some photons infarct. In fact, the Tropicana sets have already appeared in more than one advertising campaign.

Ibiza vacations
There is nothing that is more fashionable than a unicorn and, if you go up to him in the Tropicana pool ... Triumphant photo!

Cala Escondida, that chiringuito in Racó d'en Xic that has stolen our hearts. Cala Conta, sunset and a family atmosphere, of peace and tranquility, that deserves a place in your profile.

El Carmen Restaurant o It's Boldadó. Includes in one of the most beautiful panoramas of Es Vedrà a good dish of bullit de peix or Ibizan flaó. Epic!

Ibiza vacations
Try getting into the lyrics of Hï Ibiza and click!

You can not miss a good party on your trip. The entrance to any of the ones organized Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Club It is always so striking that in summer it appears in thousands of posts.

Despite the short time he has been wearing, the sign in front of the disco Hi Ibiza With his name he has already traveled half the world.


What do you think about paddle surfing or scuba diving in Ibiza? Photos on a table or with diving goggles and neoprene are always very top!

And if it turns out that you coincide in Ibiza with the celebration of a Flower party in Pacha? Do not even think about leaving without a photo in front of the poster!

As a climax, the photo of the feet in the sand. Much better if you catch them at sunset and with an island beer in the still life (that the name comes out well, eh!).

Ibiza vacations
There you go! Ibiza beach and beer. Ready to give envy!

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