Ibiza in two days

Do you come to spend your holidays in Ibiza but you only have two days to get to know the island? Here is a small guide to get the most out of those 48 hours

They call it express travel. Those holidays so intense that they do not last more than three days, at the most. If you have signed up for that fashion and are going to come to Ibiza two days, we have prepared a small route for you to return home with the feeling that you have taken your trip to the fullest.

Ibiza is tiny, but it hides in it a lot of beautiful places to discover. We propose a non-stop itinerary (in two days there is no time for breaks) but very complete. Of course, you'll have to rent a car or motorbike to be able to carry it out.

You will also have to adapt your schedules to the activities that we recommend. Do not worry, it will be easy!



As soon as you land at the airport, we advise you to go directly to Ibiza city. Park near the port and, once there, you can take a walk to the lighthouse. Half way there you will find a nice viewpoint in which to capture one of the mythical photos of the island: the one of the walled city of Dalt Vila Now you can show off on your Instagram!

Go through the narrow streets that you will see opposite, those of the famous neighborhood of La Marina. Stroll until you reach the Portal de ses Taules (question, it's not far). When you arrive, you will be impressed by the view. Go up to Dalt Vila and enjoy each of its nooks and crannies.

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Once you get off the citadel, take the opportunity to regain strength. The Park Square y King's wand They are two of the most popular areas, both for tourists and for Ibiza. There are restaurants with all kinds of menus and prices.

After the snack, it's time to meet one of our greatest treasures: the beach. So as not to get too far away, we will go to Salinas Going through it to the end is a real flat. You can enjoy its colors, its dunes and its small coves of carved rocks. Right at the tip, the southern part of the island, you will find one of the defense towers of the island: that of ses Portes. If you look with desire, you can continue walking. You will reach the famous Es Cavallet beach Ibiza's first nudist beach and atmosphere.

Obviously, if you are lucky enough to come in summer, sticking a bath is mandatory. But, the walk itself is a real joy.

For today we let you rest! Although if you came to give it your all and want to discover why the party in Ibiza is world famous, here you can check the full calendar of parties.

If you prefer to retire to the hotel, before you can stop at the San Francisco Bar to have a delicious cocktail or dinner. It is right in front of the tiny church of Sant Francesc, in Salinas.


Did you go out last night? Because today a hard day awaits you! Ready to meet some of the best beaches in Ibiza? Grab the backpack and pull the address Salty Creek, in San Antonio. (In summer you will have to park a lot before arriving and take a bus. We explain it to you here)

Take a quiet bath and, when it's time to eat, head towards the little village of San Agustín. Your beautiful church will conquer you. In summer or winter, you can eat in Bar Can Berri, a classic and, only in summer, you can do it also in Can Berri Vell. We recommend this last one if you come with your partner, success assured!

After that, go to Cove Conta. A bath in its crystal clear waters will leave you as good as new and, if you like to snorkel, here you will be amazed!

Cala Conta is perfect to extend the afternoon, since you can see the sunset. However, we would take advantage to go up cala d'hort and contemplate it there. This is the famous beach islet of Es Vedrà (another image that you will have seen in thousands of photos). The sunset here is quite a spectacle. If you can, take a spot at the top viewpoint, before reaching the beach.


If you visit the island outside of the summer months, bathing is something suitable only for the brave, but doing a mini-rutilla for these beaches is not wasted either. If you prefer another alternative, you can visit the little village of Santa Gertrudis, in Santa Eulalia but close to Ibiza. Take a walk through it, eat something in the little square and eat the most famous sandwich in Ibiza: Bar Costa.

After that, the visit to Cala d'Hort is equally recommendable, whether summer or winter. It will catch you further, but already put ... We assure you that you will see one of the best sunsets of your life!

When you finish, you can go through the town of San José, Dine something and see your beautiful church.

And here we come! Ibiza in two days, short but intense. Surely your next trip to the island will give for much more.

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