What is true in everything we hear about Ibiza?

What is heard and seen from Ibiza told by a lover of the island. What is true in everything we hear about Ibiza?

Ibiza has been in the candlestick for many years. Media from all over the world write about our precious Pitiusa and, humbly, I want to give my opinion about something that concerns me.

If we personalize Ibiza and think of it as a loved one, it has, like all of us, its good and bad days. Times of glory when it shines and others of low when it seems that it does not give one.

What do you do when your wife, son, brother or friend goes through a difficult time? I think that the ideal is to support him, see his advantages, his qualities, abilities and praise him to get out of the pothole, not to crush him with his blunders and rummage through the wound. Hardly one comes out of a bad streak when they don't stop talking badly, precisely, the most responsible, as are the media.

Ibiza is a beautiful island, with wonderful landscapes and dream beaches, with people coming from all over the world to contribute a lot. It has always been said that in this pirate island, comes the best and worst of every house, there it is in each one to see, what he wants to see. The people I have met here are wonderful, full of experiences and experiences that are also shared with total openness, without fear of being who they are, something that I have not seen here in many places. That nakedness of soul makes Ibiza intoxicated with magnificent beings that share their life and help one to be who he really is.

It is the ideal island to do and be, Be as you are, you like what you like, make you vibrate what makes you vibrate. In Ibiza you will surely find a little piece of heaven in what you crave. Is a island of opportunities, where it really doesn't matter who or what you are, but what you want to be. Because Ibiza transforms you, it helps you evolve for what you are called to be.

There are few places, I don't know any, in which in so few kilometers away so different situations can occur. Once I was with a friend on Halloween I asked him: can you tell me a place on planet earth with so many leisure options less than 20 minutes away by car? Some friends were eating a peix bullit on the beach enjoying the little sun At the same time, others were giving everything in a party of those who remove the hiccups. Others with his children playing in a park, others in a concert with some herbs in hand, others doing yoga in an agrotourism wonderful, a friend in a exhibition with his paintings and us deciding what to do. I don't know any place with so many alternatives at such a short distance between them.

What is expensive? You are right, the fantastic sites of this planet are. However it also gives you the opportunity to earn money, because There is a lot of job offer. SI am good at what you do, the island pays you well.

What does it look like Does everything revolve around luxury? They have opened many high-end hotels, shops and restaurants, but Is it bad? There are all kinds of options! There are still campsites, markets or menu restaurants where you can eat well at a great price, because friends, as you eat in Ibiza, in few places.

What is too much tourism? We live from him and I think that by raising awareness of the use of the media we can live perfectly with those who feed us. What has lowered tourism? Wasn't there too much?

That there are no workers? There is more supply than demand, work more.

What has lowered the turnover in many companies? Friends, we have many years of high, at some point I had to stop, there are ceilings.

That the island has changed? We live in a continuous change. Everything changes, we, the island, life and, as such, will change again. We can be part of the change, better than the complaint, I think.

I know that the island can be hard sometimes, like life itself. There is another popular saying that makes sure: Ibiza either catches you or kicks you out. It may be so, but love her, love her, treat her well And it will catch you. In this life, faith and trust, as well as love, can do everything.

Time puts everything in its place, it's just a matter of time. Thanks Ibiza for so much. I hope I can give you a little bit of everything you have given me.

  1. Mayte says

    That Ibiza is overcrowded ... in August, right?
    The rest of the time, there are always options for everything, to be calm or to have atmosphere, is what Ibiza has.
    And as we live from tourism, long live the tourists….
    What you have to do is give a varied offer, but of quality and for all types of pockets.
    And that Ibiza keeps ringing and getting to know each other all over the planet!

  2. As says

    What a litter of article and I say it like this without hairs on the tongue sorry. Sensationalist so that everyone who enters that hoax is created. The island is in very low low hours and I don't know what it will stand like this.

    Rentals by the clouds in patera floors. Precarious work with workers who have no competence to do so. People wanting to chop up the air you breathe.

    Those good "vibes" that are spoken of disappeared or are located in very specific places, if nobody is ever going to take hard pesetas, there is even worse, nobody will give you anything for good vibes for a lot of hippie or progressive labels I carry on.

    Anyway, I lived for many years on the island and I loved her and I am not there anymore because of something it will be, and see that I try.

    So please if you write something that at least tells the truth, not what we would like to hear.

    1. Lola Maria says

      Hi Ace,
      Thank you very much for reading and sharing your opinion.
      What I tell in the article is my truth, I do not say that it is the universal truth, nor that it is the same for the whole world. I believe in positive language and how much it helps, as well as in negative language, so I don't like to use the latter, as powerful as the first.
      You loved the island as you say in your writing in the past, there were also housing problems in the past, people wanting to chop up the air, good and bad vibes, etc. That love that you lived in the past for Ibiza, today it still exists by many people. And that love, precisely, is what I try to convey in this text.
      Thanks again and salu2!

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