Why in Ibiza are all saints?

You must have noticed that the toponymy of Ibiza is full of names of saints. Do you know what it is?

OK no. It is not that we all appear in the saints' day, in fact you have heard the opposite (that either), we refer to another topic. Any tourist who travels the island with a minimum of curiosity is often surprised to see that the majority of the names of the municipalities and towns of Ibiza start with 'San' or 'Santa'. Ibiza city is the only one that does not have the aforementioned 'pre-coletilla' in front of its denomination.

Maybe you wonder why this passion for the saintship so let's clear that doubt.

Towns in Ibiza

Years ago, the dispersion of the Ibizan population in the countryside was remarkable. When they built the parishes, about 1785, the towns were formed around him and adopted the names of those temples. Hence, of the five municipalities that make up Ibiza, four refer to saints or saints: San Antonio, Santa Eulalia, San Jose y San Juan.

You may think it's not so much, but it does not end here. Each municipality also has its small villages. For example, in San Antonio we find St. Agnes, St. Matthew San Rafael. In Santa Eulària, Santa Gertrudis the San Carlos. In San Juan, San Lorenzo the San Miguel and in San José, St. Augustine or Sant Jordi. Few escape from religious toponymy, but there are. Es Cubells or Puig d'en Valls are some of them.

Towns in Ibiza
Something similar happens in Formentera
, since its two main urban centers are the town of Sant Francesc and of Sant Ferran.

You know what to answer when those friends come from abroad and, after a few days on the island, they ask you the million dollar question!

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