Do you want to meet people in Ibiza? It is easy! Here are some guidelines to follow

Enjoying the island in company is a hundred times better. If you need to meet people in Ibiza there are places and activities that are ideal for it

Ibiza is famous for being an open place, replete with multiple cultures and, therefore, different characters. We assure you that, however much you are the most introverted or antisocial person in the world, here you will make friends. But beware, things change in winter, like everything here.

With the arrival of the cold the population is reduced considerably, as is the activity of the island in general. If you are one of the few who stays in Ibiza all year round, you should know that there are specific places where you will find it easy to meet people. In addition, different types of events in which people meet with desire to enjoy good company. Here are some tips for meeting people in Ibiza.

By the way, it is said that at first glance the Ibizans are difficult to treat but, be sure that once you establish a good relationship with them, it will last for life!

- Eat at the San Juan restaurant. It is one of those places of mythical homemade meals of Ibiza. Why is it easy to meet people here? The answer is very simple: the tables are shared. Anyone who walks through the door can sit beside you and upside down. Engaging an interesting conversation while enjoying a good dish is a luxury.

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- Participate in a language exchange! Kill two birds with one stone by enrolling in one of the many linguistic exchanges that are programmed in Ibiza. Learn English and meet new people while having a drink. Throughout the year different meetings are organized. Some of the best known so far are the 'Districte Hyperbola' and the 'ABLA' community.

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"Put a stall at a flea market." In addition to extracting an extra money selling those objects and clothes that you no longer use, you can enjoy the company of others who have thought the same as you. Between the number of people who decide to participate in rakes and those who visit them, it will be difficult for you not to make friends with someone. Test in the Sant Jordi or the Cala Llenya.

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-Get on group tours. It is a joy to explore the nature of the island and, for that, you have an endless number of possibilities, each one more interesting. Whether you are a high level athlete or a beginner you will always find an option that suits you. Mountain excursions, days in kayak, climbing, paddle surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding ... Most of the activities are done in groups, making it easy to interact with other people. Also, you start well since you will share a hobby with them.

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-Citized appointments. Here we enter a slightly more advanced level since, in addition to meeting new people in Ibiza, you can find a partner. There are different companies that are dedicated to organizing fun dates on the island. The advantage in this case is that if you also look for your better half, through this method you make sure that the participants are, as they say, in the market.

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-Ibiza in the nets. There are several groups in social networks of people who, like you, are looking for people interested in going out to explore the island or simply to have a coffee. Park shyness and laziness at home and be ready to enjoy unique moments in the company of those who may become friends for life.

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-Matriculate in some class or workshop. Pilates, yoga or meditation are activities that in Ibiza have a large number of followers. With only a few hours a week you can get fit and also be surrounded by people. Try to try it also with dancing. Keep in mind that most students tend to stay to practice the steps learned in class.


-Don't forget to check the agenda! The best plans of the island to the detail. Day, time, place, price, description ... all the information you need to not stay at home and, why not, to meet people in Ibiza!


  1. roger says

    very good people from ibizaaaa !! I tell you, I come from Ibiza to the pacha area from the 5 day to the 8 in June, I love the party, that's why I'm guessing lol, if you're near the hotel panorama during those days and you want to have a good time, I'll be happy to meet you my name is roger and I go with my brother, greetings and asta prontoooo !!!

  2. Javier says

    Hello Javier, I am new to the island and I would love to meet people from the island I am at the Hotel Pacha. REGARDS

    1. Juan says

      Hi, I'm Juan, I'm new to Ibiza and I'd like to meet people from the island. Javier pass me your mobile in case you want to stay. REGARDS

  3. St says

    Hello I would like to find a friend of youth, his name is Juan Carlos is Andalusian, blond, blue eyes, he worked in the Mediterranean garden nursery when I knew him.
    Thank you

  4. Mari says

    Hello I am Mari I have 57 years and I am a widow, I would like to meet people to be able to go out on excursions, movies, field and some vailecito that another.thanks

    1. Vanesa DT says

      Hi Mari!

      In the guide we have a lot of plans for every day of the year. We encourage you to keep an eye on them and to take aim at a bombing! 😉
      You can also download the App, to have them more at hand. Surely soon you get a good group of people with whom to share experiences on the island.

      A greeting!

  5. Katherin says

    Hello people I go to Ibiza with a friend and we do not know anything or anyone if someone wants to help us to know the best of Ibiza I leave my Facebook Katherin Herrera

  6. Suzan says

    I'm susan, looking to meet people socialize over drinks, chill on beach

    I'm coming too ibiza with a friend on 1st sept to 8th Sept let me know if anyone fancy meeting up

    1. Jossy says

      Hi Susan, I'm an Ibiza now. I'm a girl and I'm 25 years old. My email is

  7. Suzan says

    I'm susan from england, looking to meet people socialize over drinks, chill on beach

    I'm coming too ibiza with a friend on 1st sept to 8th Sept let me know if anyone fancy meeting up

    1. Jossy says

      Hi Susan, I arrived here yesterday and I am looking for people to know the island, have a drink, beach ..
      I'm 25 years old. My email is

      1. Sharon crooks says

        Hi I've been here 3 weeks, looking to meet people to go for a drink n hang out with. Whereabouts on the island are you? I'm in San Antonio

  8. Sharon crooks says

    Hi I've just recently moved to San Antonio in Ibiza by myself to work. I'd love to meet people to hang out with, go for a drink, watch sport, see a film etc. I'm easy going, love a drink but I'm not a party animal

  9. diego says

    I would like to meet IBIZA and go on HOLIDAY and make some friendships.

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