Ibiza recipes: Nadal sauce

The preparation of the Nadal sauce is a tradition among the families of Ibiza. This typical dessert resembles nougat, but in a liquid state

If you are a purebred Ibizan, there is sure to be something that is never missing in your life. Christmas table: Nadal sauce (Christmas sauce). A recipe what has been happening from generation to generation and an authentic tradition for families at this time.

Prepare it is a great excuse to spend a few hours with your family. It is elaborated a few days before let the Christmas Usually, in large quantities to last all parties.

Image of the Nadal sauce from Forn Can Bufí.

Let it be clear that it is not a main dish, but a dessert that we could compare with the classic nougat, but in a liquid state. A sweet for the after-dinner that, either you love it or it does not enter you There is usually no middle ground!

Each family has its own recipe, something that also varies according to the people. Apparently, in Sant Josep they used water instead of chicken broth. However, there are ingredients that are irreplaceable.

If you want to prepare this Typical dessert of the gastronomy of Ibiza, take note!




-Chicken soup










  1. Peel, toast and crush the almonds. After that, you should mix them with the eggs until you get a paste without lumps.
  2. Prepare the chicken broth and add the rest of the ingredients (except sugar and honey).
  3. Mix the broth with the almond paste.
  4. Put everything to heat over medium heat and begin to stir it little by little for about an hour. Remember to always move it in the same direction to avoid cutting it!
  5. During that time, incorporate sugar and honey to your liking.
  6. Let cool and ready!

Whenever you want to repeat, you must boil the sauce again. To put the finishing touch to the tradition, you can accompany the Nadal sauce with a good 'bescuit'. The 'bescuit' or coc pagès is a type of cake with the shape of bread, Ibicencan recipe also that we can tell you another day. For now, enjoy the delicious salsa!

Merry Christmas!

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