Has it rained in Ibiza? It's time to visit these sites!

There are corners in Ibiza that after intense rains look even more beautiful than usual. Point out which ones you should visit without fail!

Surely you know perfectly What to do in Ibiza when it rains, but perhaps you do not know that there are sites that win after an intense downpour. You will have read a thousand articles on those rainy days on the island that, although they do not often occur often, are presented from time to time making your holidays or days off in times of uncertainty.

There are corners in the island that increase their value after a great storm and it is those places that we want to discover.


Most are natural landscapes whose colors and even aromas are enhanced with the rain. Green fields, reddish earths, clean skies, waterfalls... An impressive Ibiza that is worth knowing after a good downpour.

Make yourself comfortable (especially antiskid) Y do not forget you are welcome camera because you will have the opportunity to take images worthy of framing.

It's Broll de Buscastell, in San Antonio

Definitely one of the most beautiful landscapes on the island. Go hiking to this area yet unknown by many It is a great plan.

Es Broll is a broad valley full of canals, pools and ditches that were built during the time of Arab domination.

es-broll-buscastell-ibizaWhat makes it special after a few days of rain is that this water helps to form small waterfalls in the different stone walls that you will find in the area since the water flows strongly in the source of Es Broll. The red earth, the glitter of the water, the white of the typical houses peasants and the green of the field create spectacular images which you will hardly forget.

Es Pla d'Alberca, in San Mateo

This is another one of those places little frequented by tourists and what you should know after a good storm Since the intensity of their colors increases. A plain that gives off strength and liveliness thanks to contrast of the red of their lands and the green of the vegetation. Almond trees, carob trees, olive trees, extensive fields of cultivation... And, of course, the vides from where some of the most famous wines of Ibiza are extracted.


Sa Caleta, in San José, or Cala Xarraca, in Portinatx

Especially if a tormentón of those who make history has fallen, there are beaches that turn into the most curious places. The water drags to the sea lto land of its reddish cliffs and mountains. This creates a spectacular image that combines the blue of the sea with the different forms that the rain water adopts together with the earth which flows into the sea. A strange image that will surely catch your eye.


El gazebo that you will find in it Road of Portinatx is perfect to contemplate this effect, as well as that of the upper part of Es Bol Nou or Sa Caleta.

Santa Eulalia River

El the only river that exists in the Balearic It does not stand out for having an immense volume, therefore, to visit it after a good storm elevates its value. The water flows into the sea with a little more force and its surroundings, green and fertile, come to life.

Santa eulalia

You can take advantage of walking through the nice stroll that was built on both sides of the river until its mouth, on the beach of Santa Eulalia.

The beaches of Ibiza

Any beach is transformed into a paradisiac place after a downpour. Like its temperature, the color of the sea changes, as well as the color of the sand. This, together with the fact that many people do not think about visiting them after the rain, makes them give beautiful prints for your photographs.


It is the same with the sunsets. You may think that with clouds covering the sky you probably can not see it, nothing further from reality. Some Cloudy days offer the best sunsets on the island (of course, the sky should not be completely covered). Moreover, after a long day of water, the sky is usually clear, the sunsets They tend to be clearer and, as usual, they acquire the most surprising tonalities so do not hesitate to come and see one, even if you have already seen it on sunny days.


As you see, some rainy days in Ibiza also have their positive side. In addition to mitigate the water deficit we suffer, leave incredible prints very different from those that we have used to summer.

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