If you are traveling to Ibiza for the first time, do not make these beginner mistakes!

Do you intend to sleep on the beach, drink tap water or buy it all at the first flea market? If this is the first time you are traveling to Ibiza you should read this ...

We have all been beginners ever and with this article we want to help you mitigate those Rookie mistakes we made when visiting Ibiza for the first time. Some points are common sense, although perhaps with the thrill of the holidays you will pass. Others are only known by the residents of the island and we are obliged to share them with you.

Be that as it may, if you heed all or one of the tips that we give you, you can save yourself some euro another, know the less crowded corners of Ibiza and enjoy your stay without unexpected surprises.

Take note!

    • First of all, Buy your plane ticket in advance. As the summer approaches, prices rise like foam!
    • In Ibiza there are Markets That yes or yes you must know and Las Dalias It is one of them. Its spectacular atmosphere, its authenticity and the diversity that you will discover in it you will hardly find it in another place. There are also others that, although not so impressive, you should know, especially for the Bargains Which you will find in them. In the Sant Jordi, For example, you will find tempting chollos and those of San Juan o Santa Gertrudis you will fall in love with the charm they give off.
    • Buy street vendors at beach No no and no! In addition to encouraging an illegal practice, it is not the most advisable for your health. Surely if you saw where and how they prepare the mojitos or fruit glasses they offer you would not want to try them.
    • Drink tap water? No thanks. If you are used to your city, you will surely do it as a reflex act, but as soon as the first drop falls into your mouth, you will regret having done it. We warn you in advance so that you do not come with the idea that at least you will save in water.
    • They have told you about a restaurant Incredible in Ibiza, you want to go, but not Table reservations Error! Especially in the middle of summer the restaurants fill up, so you could stay without dinner on Monday or Friday. Also, if you book you will ensure a good table.
    • El Public transport in Ibiza is not cheap. Before getting on a bus you should check if you do not get more account for a taxi. Of course, it all depends on where you go and how many you are, because taxis are not cheap either.
    • And speaking of taxis ... if you are in a hurry to get somewhere do not pretend to go out and stop one instantly, do not even call and pick you up at once. In summer The taxis in Ibiza do not give supply, so you can spend hours waiting until you find one.
    • Still, do not despair and comets the imprudence of getting into a pirate taxi. You would lose any right to report a theft, a scam ... You never know! Also, they are not usually cheaper than legal taxis, another misconception that we usually have.
    • Anyway, if you can afford it Rent a car, do not hesitate to do so. There are hundreds of car rental houses but we have compared prices and This is one of the cheapest. The only downside is that, being a low cost, they are not always the fastest. If you want to avoid spending the day in the offices you can do it by hiring the Speed ​​checking. In addition we advise that, rent where you rent, contract the insurance to all risks.
    • Do not settle for seeing the typical sunset Café del Mar or Mambo '. If you ask any resident, none will advise you to see it from this type of premises. In Ibiza there are a thousand and one beautiful places to watch a sunset without being surrounded by hundreds of people, loud music and alcohol.
    • Are not you really going to visit Formentera? If you have a loose day, take advantage of it to get closer to the smallest of the Pitiusas. It is a paradise that we assure you is worth knowing. By the way, do not lose the rookie and look only at the big shipping companies. Small ones tend to have very interesting offers. In Welcometoibiza.es You will find the rates and discounts of most companies.
    • That traveling with the suitcase on his back and going wherever your feet take you sounds very nice but, in practice, doing it here is quite risky. Book your hotel before coming If you do not want to end up sleeping anywhere or leaving the salary in some room. Because sleeping on the beach only works well in movies. In Ibiza it is forbidden and you can be fined for it so be on your guard!
  • If you come to Ibiza with the intention of striking a good party, it is not necessary that you acquire the tickets for the clubs too much in advance. Keep in mind that you can come up with much better plans when you are here. However, if you want to enjoy a party boat yes you would have to buy the pass days before, Since they have a limited capacity. If you need more information about boat parties please contact the following number: 0034 665 810 103.

We could continue to list many more sins committed by most of those who stepped on Ibiza for the first time but, for now, with these you can dodge some of the most common. Now, enjoy your holidays in Ibiza!

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