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We interviewed Martin Garrix, nº 4 in Dj Mag's list, just before releasing Multiply, his new residence this summer 2015 in Ushuaïa Ibiza

Martin Garrix, the boy prodigy of electronics that with just 19 years contained in Post # 4 of the best Djs in the world according to the prestigious publication Dj Magreleases Multiply, its new residence this summer 2015 en Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Club. Author of the mega hit "Animals", which gave him international fame and a lot of celebrated compositions and collaborations, is one of the most powerful talents within the electro / progressive and the EDM current. We interviewed him just before the show and discovered that despite Martin Garrix's fame he has a charm, simplicity and sympathy overwhelming


Well then… welcometoibiza! Are you happy to have your own residence here in Ushuaïa?
Am very happy, is crazy. Ibiza is such an iconic place…it's amazing to be here and have a residence here, of course I'm happy! It's a beautiful place...everything is almost perfect!

Did you imagine it when you were playing here last summer, that you would have your own residence the following year?
No. I wanted to, but I did not expect it at all, because Ushuaïa is the best place to playHe has the best line ups and being a part of it still seems incredible to me. It is the best club to DJ, outdoors, soon...and then you finish at twelve and the party in Ibiza is still starting...I love the vibes of the people, the place...it's iconic...is like a small festival.


What do you think of Ibiza in general, have you had the opportunity to give it a tour, to know it a little? Any place you like especially?
Km5 I love it. In general, what I love about Ibiza is that you have both, all the parties, the best Djs, the best line ups and then you can also go to incredible beachesBeautiful, to Formentera...

Do you know formentera?
Yes, yes, I rented a boat and went there... It's exciting. You arrive in Ibiza and you think, "party, party, party!", but then you realize what incredible places there are...

Any place that has caught your attention, any beach in particular...?
I don't remember the name of the beach...ffffff...it's between San Antonio and Ibiza...I don't remember...(he stays for a while, but does not remember the name). But I love this of the two faces of Ibiza, you can party whenever you want and also relax at all times.


Tell us about Multiply
Multiply it's mostly about Have funI'm the headliner but all my friends are going to act also, the party is mostly for fun, I do not want it to be a show for people to see and that's it, I want them to interact with the DJs, the music...I'm super excited for tonight...a lot of tickets sold, a lot of tables sold...

You are nervous?
Of course! I am super nervous, because the expectations are high, but they are nerves of the good ones. I'm ready.

I know you've been asked this question a thousand times, but it's very impressive that at 19 you're ranked #4 in Dj Mag...is it a lot of pressure? How do you feel: dizzy, proud...?
Of course i am proud and happy. I keep telling myself that in this industry age does not matter. Sure I'm young, but it's about the music you make, the show you put on... I may be one of the youngest, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing...

I do not say so much because of the age, but because of the meteoric of your career, unknown to the number 40 Dj Mag and from there in a year to the number 4, it is really impressive ...
Yes, it's true, that it has been crazy. For me, especially after "Animals" there was a lot of pressure, all that crazy shows, to call you to play in a lot of places, suddenly had thousands of fans taking photos at the airports with me ... I took my mother with me to Panama and at the airport there were as 60 people waiting, she hallucinated Yes, that definitely It was pretty strong.


But now you feel safer...
Yes, I will not say I'm used to it, but now I know how to distinguish between my professional life and my private life, I can separate very well between Martin Garrix and my normal life as Martijn Garritsen. It is still very tiring because I spend a lot of time traveling, composing and acting, but When I have time I can spend it with my family or my friends, with the people I care about and enjoy those moments, and that's what helps me keep my feet on the ground and not flip with everything that is happening. This is when I realize everything that has happened in such a short time.

Are you going to perform somewhere else this summer besides Ushuaïa?
I do not have anything programmed, but I'll go out there and who knows ...perhaps as something spontaneousyeah ...

So it may be that we see you out there clicking ...
Yes, we may, we'll see ...

Can you tell us about the music and collaborations you're working on right now? Are you going to get something new soon?
Yes, in two days I'm going to take my new track "DragonAnd it's going to be my intro tonight... are you going to the show tonight?
Besides "Dragon", I'm working a lot in the studio, I just released my song with Usher, "Don't look down", another with E...I've been with a lot of artists in the studio lately, I worked a lot, I'm going to take a lot of new things Soon and I'm really excited.


How did you change your style from hard to EDM? Did Spinnin 'Records have anything to do with signing?
Nothing to do. Is a natural evolution that came from my heart, I wanted to do more melodic things. This kind of music sounded a bit like everything to me, everyone was basically doing the same kind of song, with the same structure, and I I wanted to do something different, still I do energy songs, with a hard point, you'll see tonight, I'm going to play a hard set tonight, but simply I want to do something different, something that be a challenge. As a producer if you always do the same thing is boring, you want to try new things, experience...

Thinking of trying some other new style?
I do not know, maybe yes. It's a creative process ...


What is the composition of which you are most proud? 
Mmmmmm ... my favorite song I've made ...

I'm proud of "Animals", without her I would not be here, I wouldn't have a residency at Ushuaïa, but there is a song I did before "Animals", a remix for Roy Gates, "Midnight Song" I did it with 14 or 15 yearsIt was one of the first things with Spinnin 'Records, and I don't know, for me there is so much emotion in that songIt's one of the few tracks that I can keep listening to over and over again and when I hear it I ask myself, how did I do it? It's an important song because brings me great memoriesIt was when I found my own sound, I had just signed with Spinin Records, which was the best thing that ever happened to me ... I'll play it later! For me it is a very special song.

Tell us a bit about your relationship with Oliver Heldens...
How long have we been dating? (laughs) No, I've known it for 4 or 5 for years, we contacted the Internet, then I played at a school party, neither he nor I were famous at all, and he approached me to congratulate me, he told me that he also produced ... then I I signed with Spinnin and right after him too I was signing with Spinnin, we both freaked out! That we can be together now in this show is incredible, because I know him before all this madness and he is a guy humble and super good at what he doesIs a incredible producer, an incredible Dj... I'm happy that we can do this together, in addition musically it makes a lot of sense because we understand each other very well, because he's more groovy, he has a more elaborate sound, and so I can play a little harder...(laughs)

Oliver Heldens

Do you remember the first time you pinched the audience?
Yes, at a wedding of some friends of my parents, it wasn't really a DJ set, I was playing music more like that, playing around a bit… It's fun playing music for others… that's how it all started…

Who is the person who has helped you most in your career?
Well, Tiësto was my inspiration, the reason that he is here, but who else helped me above all they were my parents, the ones that motivated me. They always insisted that I focus on my studies, but they were always there supporting me with all of this, when I signed the contract, making sure that everything was ok… And they still do, they take all the finances for me, they make sure that everything is ok .... My parents are the people who help me the most. I am the one who mixes the music, but they are the ones who make it possible.

Who is your favorite Dj in the world?
Pot, definitely.

We would like to continue chatting with Garrix, we had many more questions for him and he is a person with whom it is a pleasure to talk, he elaborates on each answer and it seems that you are chatting with a friend, but there are still many people who want to talk to the DJ of fashion and things are starting to heat up at Ushuaïa, with the public impatient to see their idol...Show must go on!!


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