Aires Formenterencs in the Nits Amples d'Estiu

Formentera group Aires Formenterencs performs this Sunday 21 July 2019 in the square behind the Church of San Antonio at 21.30 hours

The mythical group Aires Formenterencs act this Sunday 21 of July of 2019 in San Antonio, within the interesting cultural program Nits Amples d'Estiu.

The Formentera band, formed by Bartolomeu Joan Escandell «Xumeu», Francesc Ferrer Serra «Xico» and Santiago Marí Escandell, will offer a Free concert in the square behind the Church.

From 21.30 hours we can listen to well-known songs like 'Visc a Formentera', a hymn in the smallest of the Pitiusas.

Not to miss a single act of the cultural festival Nits Amples d'Estiu by 2019, click on this link

Event Information

Aires Formenterencs concert

Location: San Antonio

Date: 21 July 2019 Sunday

Schedule: 21.30 hours

Address: Square behind the Church of San Antonio

Entry price: Free

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