Dreams of Freedom that grow big

Great success of the II Dreams of Freedom in Ibiza with exciting and varied concerts of groups like MClan, León Benavente, Fuel Fandango or Arizona Baby

It has been a long way the journey from the first edition of Dreams of liberty at Cine Regio on 2015 to the celebration this 2016 of a second immense edition, full of proposals beyond the merely musical, extended to two days and two different scenarios, and with the participation of some of the most powerful and interesting groups on the national scene.

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 30

The appointment started the Friday April 23 in the Cine Regio de San Antonio, an opening day of court more acoustic in that beautiful and intimate stage full of retro charm which featured the presentation of Angel Carmona, of RNE3 and the performances full of art of Carmen Boza, Zahara and an MClan who were the great winners of the event, raising the public from their seats to dance to hits like "Carolina".

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 22

El Saturday, April 24 the main day of the festival brought together more than 2.000 people in the Exhibition Center of Ibiza to enjoy incredible concerts, but also artistic proposals very varied, the delicious food of some of the best known bars and restaurants in Ibiza, something very grateful in a meeting like this to be able to leave an everlasting ham sandwich, or even a artisan market.

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 02

With a varied and pleasant atmosphere in which we saw people of all ages including a lot of children, the strong day was a very festive day that started with excellent performances by local groups Stone Corners, The Frigolos and Ryser & The Lemons under considerable heat and still empty.

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 08

To the lysergic and scattered rock of Angel Stanich it did not matter that there were still few people. Few artists give themselves in this way to paroxysm in their interpretations and the audience, surrendered to the tumbling and the great energy that Stanich poured on the stage, chanted delighted in his apotheosis end his success "Machine Gun Joe".

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 06

The sun was descending and the people continued arriving en masse to the Precinct, while the vallisoletanos Arizona Baby captivated the audience with that rock with touches of americana that is the hallmark of the band we enjoyed a really magical sunset.

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 11

The paper of the night he had to put up with the musician Quique González that with his band The detectives I was embroidering a concert rocker but more melodic and quiet and with a very worked staging y seven musicians on stage including Nina de Juanand had to endure being out the sound up to three times due to technical failures. These problems undermined the morale of the group, which had to bite the bullet and raise its performance as best it could and, in general and despite the great quality displayed by the musicians, it lowered the tempo of the festival a little.

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 26

Leon Benavente was in charge of returning to rev up with a concert that, in the opinion of a servant, was the best of the night. That indescribable mixture of rock, punk, indie and electronic with those letters overwhelming and loaded with intelligence and the inexhaustible energy of Abraham Boba on stage set up a direct simply apotheosis.

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 21

The appointment was closed with the exquisite voice of Nita and those Fuel Fandango Ale Energy Blends, a concert that surely surprised those who did not know this group that offered music full of flamenco intensity with electronic base. Much power on the stage for a final really round. The festival ended with the appearance, together with the band, of the organizer of the contest Adrian Rodriguez, who received a well-deserved applause for his titanic effort.

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 41

Sueños de Libertad thus culminated a second edition that allowed us to enjoy with Incredible concerts by top performers bursting places in other cities and in Ibiza unfortunately they are not so well known as we could see among the public, that always difficult public in Ibiza that, on the other hand, made us enjoy these authentic cracks in the first row and without grips, which was a real joy for the fans.

Festival Dreams of Liberty 2016 Ibiza by Carlo Cuñado 42

An essential appointment for lovers of music, with powerful live shows full of musical quality and a lot of variety. And only as a small criticism to improve for next year is the resolution of those annoying technical problems and the organization of something as necessary as parking, always chaotic at the Ibiza Fairgrounds.

Our appreciation for the realization, not always easy, of a different musical initiative and of great level, We hope to continue dreaming next year!

TEXT: María Pérez Soriano
PHOTOS: Carlo Cuñado


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