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we interviewed Ruger Ewan, musician and Dj from Hondarribia (Basque Country) and resident in Ibiza since 2004 and who has played with internationally famous artists in club booths such as Space, Privilege, Veto or The Zoo Project its innovative sets of marked taste underground and futuristic.


We have seen you as Ruger Ewan, Roger Strubell, Ruger Elewan ... can you tell us a bit about where the name comes from and what we are left with? ;)
Hello good guys, my name is Roger Strubell and the name I use as a Dj / Producer is Ruger Ewan. The truth is that I have tried several names and this seems to be the definitive one, so Ruger Ewan.

You come from a family of musicians and also you started in music as a drummer in different formations. What was it like to jump into the DJ booth?
From the first moment when I was in rock bands in Euskadi with 16 or 17 years, I was attracted by the energy of techno and club music. I started going to clubs where we listened to important techno deejays and that marked me quite musically. Besides the music we listened to in the clubs, we always we were the last of what came out on electronic labels like Warp, Ninja Tune, Rephlex...With my partner from the rock group of that time, we had a Roland 303 and spent hours sequencing and creating beats. Later we mixed it with the sound of guitars, voices, etc., making a rather curious fusion. Already with 20 years I started going to a friend's house who had two technics for learn to click and I started buy vinyl records non-stop. Soon after I started playing at parties with friends and in small clubs area.

 Do you still have a training or music group or do you only dedicate to the dishes?
Right now I'm not in any training, although I have the firm intention to bring my battery and be able to catch a place or studio to rehearse and record. I do not rule out forming a group afterwards, it could be a good experience.

Ruger Ewan: "When I arrived, I didn't particularly like the music of the big clubs, there were sessions that were repeated a lot"

You are from Basque Country, one of the most poetic places on the subject of electronics, how did you decide to come to Ibiza? And tell me a little about the differences between the scene there and here, what do you think of the music scene on the island?
I came to Ibiza for a I work at the airport, which I still maintain. When I arrived at 2004 the music of the big clubs I did not like especially. At that time the scene in Euskadi seemed more attractive to me, in clubs like Paying to you could see any weekend to Derrick May and Luke Slater. When I arrived in Ibiza, to give you an example, the openings and closings of Amnesia or Space were always done by resident deejays and they were repeated a lot. There were sessions that repeated a lot and that personally they bored me a bit. What I liked They were small clubs with little capacity as The Room (where I ended up having a bi-monthly residency) and the mythical Lolas, where there was a music and exceptional people. At the level of big parties in Ibiza, when I saw Pascal FEOS and Laurent Garnier en Cocoon, I already convinced myself that great clubs had something good to offer me as a clubber, I stayed impressed with the sound, the show, etc. Regarding the current scene on the island, as we know today there are an entire industry around club music. That has brought the diversification and I think that's good, as there are currently parties and sessions of all colors and for everyone.


 You've been playing for a lot of clubs in Ibiza, what's your favorite place to play? And where would you like to play that you have not done it yet?
El Veto I like to prick, since the atmosphere is amazing and people come to enjoy the party and the music. Places that I would like? Any club with a good atmosphere and where people go to have fun.

You were also at Ibiza Global Radio, tell us about this experience and if you would like to do radio again ...
I haven't really had a program of my own, although we have been - and continue to be - habitual collaborators the program Ibiza Dance by David Moreno. The study of Ibiza Global Radio and its people are a luxury, they take care of every detail and that shows. Always grateful to them. 

Can you give us some of your plans for this summer? Will you be a resident somewhere?
I have no nothing concrete for the summer, but like every year, sure that interesting things are coming out, between clubs and private parties.

Years ago you were promoter of the successful party Nova Flow, tell us a little about that experience and if you have thought about doing something similar ...
Started in 2008. That same year I met my partners and friends from Nova Flow at a friend's party. Soon after, we had the opportunity to play at a party, Lords Of Techno, in Grail, with Dave Tarrida. The party was successful and we spoke with the owner about having our own weekly party. Nova Flow started on Monday nights in summer and was very successful From the beginning. Already wintercontinue with the party that happened to be On thursdays, which also worked very well. The experience was great, we shared great moments, we made many friends, we shared good music, an unforgettable experience. If I would do something similar right now? Possibly, but instead of weekly, once a month, at a club for 50 or 100 people.


Do you see yourself getting old on the island, returning to Euskadi or do you think you will end up somewhere else in the world?
No idea, for the moment I'm comfortable here.

A session or moment of your career of which you have a particularly emotional memory
Some afternoons in Zoo Project they were fun or any week of Nova Flow.

With what musician or DJ would a dream come true to share a booth or poster?
Bruno Pronsato, Zip

What are your favorite music references and Djs of the moment?
Mike Shannon, Cabanne, Sonja Moonear, Claro Intellect or Jan Krueger

Tell me someone you think is going to hit a bomb this summer ...
Max Graef
, I had the opportunity to see him in the last edition of Mutek in Barcelona and I thought it was a proposal super cool.

One of your favorite places on the island is ...
There are many, but I love the sunset in Benirrás in the summer months.

How would you define your musical style?
It depends on the type of set, but always a little rhythmic, dynamic and futuristic.

Thank you for the interview, and Welcome to the team, greetings !!!


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