Maluma conquers his audience at Privilege Ibiza

Hundreds of people gathered at Privilege Ibiza to attend the highly anticipated concert of Maluma, the global superstar of trap and reggaeton

Hundreds of people gathered at the nightclub Privilege Ibiza of San Rafael to attend the highly anticipated Maluma concert, la global superstar of trap and reggaeton that 4 offered on July 2019 its only summer performance on the island.

The architect of topics such as «Happy the 4» He did not disappoint an audience that sold out part of the tickets. At 2 in the morning he jumped onto the stage dressed in that characteristic style of his, a most colorful attire: sunglasses, shorts, t-shirt and fluorescent green jacket. At the shout of "Ibiza, are you ready?" He started the night with one of his greatest successes: «Bad Mine».

From there, the Colombian chained for about an hour and a half (a lapse that many were short), his greatest successes. In addition to presenting «11: 11», his last album, the idol of Latin music did not hesitate to review his most talked about subjects. «I delete cassette», «Blackmail» u "Hello Miss", one of his last collaborations, they soon rang.

If the atmosphere in Privilege Ibiza was already heated, Maluma raised the temperature further with «Come pacá», song that his fans chanted in unison.

The high point of the night came when the Medellín artist asked if in Spain we knew how to dance reggaeton. From there, there was no lack of those Hip movements that more than one left on the verge of fainting. As well as the whistles at the moment in which she got rid of her "discreet" jacket.

And while the ten dancers that accompanied him throughout the night disappeared, Maluma picked up the underwear that some threw on stage to kiss her and throw her back.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became more intimate. The lights dimmed, soap bubbles flooded the club and took the opportunity to confess that It was the first time he was on Ibiza and he had fallen in love with the island. «Here you feel the magic», commented while the mobiles of the attendees recorded at full capacity. A slow version of "11: 11" was chosen not to break that subsection.

In addition to the popular Fonsi, who did not hesitate to say hello in the middle of the concert, among the audience were both residents as tourists and fans from different parts of the world. Before returning to the United States, the artist will go on his tour through the Spanish cities of Blanes and Marbella.

With the Maluma concert and the party Brutal Ibiza, Privilege becomes one of the biggest promoters of reggaeton parties in Ibiza. For the biggest club in the world will spend this summer artists of the size of Farruko, Manuel Turizo or Karol G.

Photos: Fernando Valencia

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