Premiere in Pikes Ibiza of "Balearic: Oral history of club culture in Ibiza"

Pikes Ibiza finally hosts the Premiere of the book "Balearic", by Luis Costa and Christian Len, on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, with 12 hours of music

The iconic Pikes Ibiza is the setting chosen for the presentation of the successful book "Balearic: Oral history of club culture in Ibiza", Luis Costa and Christian Len published by the publisher Contra.

The appointment was scheduled for Tuesday, September 21, 2021, but at the last minute it had to be postponed by bad weather, setting a new date on Tuesday October 12 2021, to be able to make use of the fabulous outdoor spaces of Pikes.

A true celebration of the original spirit of Ibiza and the music that took him to the top in the company of his protagonists. And the fact is that the authors wanted to be able to present the book on the island as it deserves, with the least possible limitations and, furthermore, in one of the places that best represents the most authentic essence of the island, which also appears in numerous passages of the book .

Thus, the presentation of "Balearic: Oral history of club culture in Ibiza" offers you nothing less than 12 hours of Balearic Music, from 12 to 24 hours, with artists like Dj Pippi, Leo Mas, Dj Oliver, Joan Ribas, Igor Marijuan, Valentín Huedo, David Moreno, JAF or Javier Soldado, who will be playing all day in the Pikes pool.

The book is presented in a chat moderated by Andy Wilson, accompanied by the two authors, Luis Costa and Christian Len, and of a ten of the 79 characters interviewed in the book, and that represent different eras, sectors (DJs, promoters, journalists, etc.) or musical styles.

Among the participants in the talk will be Pepe Roselló, creator of Space, Jane heegaard, an icon of hippy Ibiza, Ulises Braun, Dj Pippi, Danny Whittle, former director of Pacha, Dawn Hindle co-founder of Manumission and Ibiza Rocks, Dj Oliver and the promoter "Doumi" Busturia creator of Woomoon or Storytellers.

After the talk there will be a great party finale with a Complimentary Goldtooth cocktail, the exquisite vermouth inspired by the herbs of Ibiza, with Dj Sets offered by Pure Ibiza, sounds more connected with the clubber essence of the island. In this time they will be clicking David Moreno, JAF (Javier Ferrer, head of the Metrica study) and a benchmark such as Dj Oliver.

The event is price quotation, But reservation essential prior to attend. You can also follow it en streaming in Ibiza Sónica and Pure Radio. To reserve your ticket write as soon as possible to

In its less than a year of life, the book "Balearic: Oral history of club culture in Ibiza" has been acclaimed by public and critics around the world, reaching being chosen as "Best Music Book of 2020" by Mondosonoro and chosen as "One of the 15 best books of 2020" by Pitchfork.

Premiere schedule overview

-From 12 to 19 hours. Musical sets in the Pikes pool offered live by Ibiza Sonica.

-From 19:20 p.m. to 30:XNUMX p.m. Book presentation talk

-From 20:30 to 24 hours. Sunset Terrace Cocktail and Dj Sets live with Pure Ibiza.


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