Luar Na Lubre at the Nits de Tanit Festival in Ibiza


Luar Na Lubre, reference band of Galician folk, stars in the second concert of the Festival Nits de Tanit in Ibiza on Sunday 14 of July 2019

Luar Na Lubre, one of the reference groups in folklore and traditional Galician music, plays the second concert of the Tanit Nits Festival of this 2019 in Ibiza.

The performance is celebrated on Sunday 14 of July of 2019 to 22 hours, as always in the outside of the UIB, in front of the building of the old military Command.

Luar na Lubre it's a group of folk and celtic music created in La Coruña in 1986. Winner of many awards, his name can be translated by something like "sacred forest where the Celtic druids did their rituals." His best known works are «Full Moon» and «Cabo do mundo», two consecutive gold discs. In 2018 he published his last album, dedicated to the «Ribeira Sacra».

The group is made up of Bieito Romero (bagpipes, accordion and hurdy-gurdy), Antía Ameixeiras (fiddle), Patxi Bermúdez (Bodhran, drum and djimbek), Pedro Valero (acoustic guitar), Xavier Ferreiro (Latin percussions and effects) and Xan Cerqueiro (flutes).

The Advance tickets they cost 10 euros y box office, from 2 hours before the concert, 15 euros. You can already take your tickets in the ticket sale website of the Consell de Ibiza. Also, if you are thinking about going to more concerts of the cycle, there are different fertilizers available with which you will save money.

More information: Festival Nits de Tanit 2019

Event Information

Concert by Luar Na Lubre - VI Festival Nits de Tanit

Location: UIB outer grounds

Date: 14 July 2019 Sunday

Schedule: 22 hours

Address: C / Del Calvario 1, Ibiza

Entry price: Anticipated 10 euros, at the box office 15 euros. Available fertilizers.Buy tickets

  1. to. Berest Busch says

    I would like to get to know cultural events. Live in Ibiza for six months now. Was at the first concert which I did not like too much. Looked like the singer was either bored to death or dead tired. Will go tomorrow as well and hope to enjoy it more.

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