Sensory trip in B12 Ibiza with So and a surprising visual installation

The B12 Ibiza club hosts a sensory experience on 12's January 2019 Saturday with the So party and an impressive visual installation

The club of B12 Ibiza This weekend hosts an innovative and stimulating proposal that will delight the audio-visual lovers. The colective Visuals For The Masses founded by two Vjs of the island and that elaborates a powerful collaborative podcast with professionals from all over the world, organizes some interesting days. The idea is to hold them regularly monthly.

On this first date at B12 Ibiza the January 11 Friday of 2019 There will be masterclass with one of the most recognized artists of the sector: the audiovisual artist of Tarrassa Gnomalab, active since the 90 years.

In this day of networking there will also be a food next to the collective Visuals For The Masses and then a Round Table on Show Running in Clubs. Other great professionals like her are invited Pedro Comesaña (3DLight), Ivi (Improbable Films), Gus (Amnesia videos), Masha (Icemash), Karlos Molina (DJ), Danny Lloyd (DJ), Theimaginary (visual designer of Music On and one of the organizers of the appointment) and other members of Visuals For The Masses.

We regret to inform you that plazas for this day of Friday they are exhausted. Although if you are interested in participating in the Round Table you can do it by contacting through the Elimaginario fanpage.

In addition, the Saturday 12 of January of 2019 A very special evening is presented at the B12 Ibiza club with a new edition of the So party preceded by a impressive and cutting edge laser and visual installation created by Theimaginary and AP sponsored by Pirolaser FX. The evening will also have the visuals of Gnomalab and Elimaginario.

The quotation starts from the 22 hours and until midnight you can enjoy an addictive session of atmospheric music in charge of Daze Tie A / V while you take something quietly and let yourself be captivated by this incredible installation created with pioneering techniques.

From midnight comes a new session of the creative So party whose name and concept are inspired by the Japanese ideogram 創 which refers to the narrow connection between art and beauty and that matches perfectly with the days of Visuals For The Masses.

Making you enjoy exciting house and techno rhythms will be the Djs Karlos Molina and Danny Lloyd, two great artists that you have the opportunity to enjoy this time on the island.

La entry to the party is Free up to the 1: 30 hours if you sign up Guest List sending an email to Later it will cost you 15 euros with glass.

An immersive and sensory experience full of art that you should not miss.

For more information about future events and audiovisual conferences:

Fanpage Visuals For The Masses

Fanpage Elimaginario

Event Information

Fiesta So + Visual Installation Elimaginario & AP

Location: B12

Date: 12 January 2019 Saturday

Schedule: 22 6 hours of a

Address: Street Antonio Planells Ferrer 1 local 1 Industrial estate GESA, 07800 Ibiza

Entry price: Free with guest list before the 1: 30h. Later 15 € with cup

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