Delicious appetizer and great musical session at the Opening of Petit Pereyra


Petit Pereyra celebrates its opening party on Saturday 5 of May 2018 with a delicious appetizer and the music of Erick Navas, Vidal Rodríguez and Bruce Hill

Petit Pereyra, the home of the Harmsen family, creator of the emblematic and now defunct Pereyra Theater, celebrates the arrival of summer with a great party of Opening on Saturday 5 of May of 2018.

The quotation starts from the 22 hours which will allow it to be delicious welcome appetizer prepared by chef Oscar Queralt so you can go singing.

It will be a night full of fun and good vibes with the lively mixes of three experienced DJs well known in the local scene: Erick Navas, Vidal Rodríguez and Bruce Hill, who will get all their juice awesome sound system with what Petit Pereyra has.

The place is conceived as a club of partners, although at the moment the entrance without restrictions is allowed to allow the residents to approach to know it with facility. The opening night will give you the information necessary so you know how you can sign up and become a member also.

La entry es for free before 3 hours pointing you in Guest List. How can you do it? Contact the phone +34 619 029 215. An evening designed for the most beautiful people on the island. Do not miss it!

Event Information

Opening Petit Pereyra

Location: Petit Pereyra

Date: Saturday 5 May From 2018

Schedule: 22 6 hours of a

Address: C / Figueres 5, Talamanca, Ibiza

Phone: +34 619 02 92 15

Entry price: Free with guest list until 3 hours

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