Terror Show Festival, a scary Saturday in San Rafael


Rockers from beyond the grave, get up from your graves and approach 26 on October 2019 Saturday to enjoy the Terror Show Festival in San Rafael

Rockers from beyond the grave! Party people from beyond! Attention! The organizers of the Festivities of San Rafael they take advantage of the weekend before Halloween to organize the third edition of their expected Terror Show Festival, a night full of the most chilling live music with incredible performances that will make your hair like escarpias.

The festival this year is the Saturday 26 of October 2019 from the 21 hours.

A night of deadly fun to move your bones to the rhythm of groups like The smoggers, que traen desde Sevilla su potente directo y sus adictivos sonidos garage para presentar su nuevo trabajo «Get Stoned on Fuzz». También estarán las mallorquinas Sweet Poo Smell, una «all girl band» muy diferente que hará su presentación oficial en la isla. Además, también toca el trío ibicenco de swamp blues Fat «Gumbo» Bradley, group formed by three well-known musicians of the Ibizan scene, coming from bands like Uncle Sal, Blind Seekers or The Frigolos.

Chills to rock rhythm in an evening that will also feature the performances of the DJs Lost Angeles, Marcos Torres and The Selectors Djs (César Sánchez and Javi Box).

His is that you take advantage and come dressed up, with a terrifying touch yes, but letting out your rock soul. As the organizers suggest, dress code: terrorrockabilly, pshycolook, terrorpunk, scarysouldressed, zombiesurf, horrordiscofunky...

Fun and good rock music are guaranteed!

Event Information

Terror Show Festival

Date: 26 October 2019 Saturday

Schedule: 21 3 hours of a

Address: Municipal tent, San Rafael, Ibiza

Entry price: Free

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