Personal trainers and gyms in Ibiza

Do you want to get fit, take care of yourself or have fun doing sports? Do not hesitate and check this list of personal trainers and gyms in Ibiza

You pay the gym fee for a whole year. Maximum motivation. They spend the 365 days and you have managed to go, realistically, 30 days Does it sound like? It may be the case of the majority, but there are people who have an enviable willpower and amortize the registration as much as possible.

Belonging to the first or second group of people, it never hurts to spend a few hours in the gym. Without a doubt it is one of the most comfortable places where you can practice exercise since you have everything at hand. Machines, classes, lockers, changing rooms ... Some even have a cafeteria or beauty center. Also, they tend to impart classes of different disciplines among which you will always find one that will help you achieve your goals or motivate you more than the rest.

If you have decided to take care of yourself or simply have fun doing sports, you should know that there are a good number of gyms in Ibiza. More intimate, with the latest fitness technology, with very broad, cheaper schedules ... You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs

If you prefer a accompaniment and a personalized program, yours are the Personal trainers in Ibiza. The advantage is that you will make a training oriented to your characteristics and possibilities, with what the effectiveness is usually greater. In addition, many of them can even elaborate a specific diet for you to lose weight, gain muscle mass ...

You choose one option or another, it will always be easy to find a personal trainer or a gym in Ibiza. The only thing you have to do is take it with desire.

Come on you can do it!


Nirvana Gyms Ibiza 11

Located in the Can Mariano Palerm Shopping Center in Sant Jordi, it is one of the most popular in Ibiza. It has the most cutting-edge machines in the world of fitness and, in addition, they teach targeted classes of endless subjects. Pilates, Yoga, Gravity, Tai Chi, Pole Dance, Cardio Choy or Kangoo are just some of the ones you can practice in Nirvana Fitness Center. In addition, if you want an exclusive training, they put at your disposal personal trainers.


Nirvana Gyms Ibiza 08

The same Nirvana Fitness Center has another branch, in this case, in Playa d'en Bossa Do you practice sports with sea views? In this center you can do it! Nirvana beach It has the same amenities as Sant Jordi and, in addition, offers private classes of boxing and kick boxing. It has two rooms: an interior and an outdoor one for those days when you do not want to be locked up.


Rumis gym gym san jose ibiza 00En Rumi's Gym they have been offering more than 15 for their services to both residents and tourists. This gym located in Cala de Bou has the facilities and machines of the big centers but in a more intimate and comfortable space. As it is not a huge or crowded space, its monitors will give you a personalized treatment. In addition, they also teach classes of all kinds such as Kangoo Power, GAP or Aerobics and have a sauna.


Dreams sport gyms ibiza

En Dreams Sport Fitness Center They have managed to form a great family with the passage of time. Located in Santa Eulalia, it is the official LesMills center, one of the most popular training programs worldwide. Here you can enjoy different guided classes and all kinds of fitness machines. Also, if you need it, they will offer nutritional advice.

eBodyPro Ibiza

EBodyPro Ibiza

eBodyPro Ibiza It is one of the few centers in Ibiza that uses Active Muscle Stimulation (EMS Electro Muscle Stimulation) in its sessions. With this system you will achieve greater results in less time since it combines conventional functional training with wireless EMS, which maximizes the activation of the main muscle groups.


Ibiza Personal Trainers personal trainers Ibiza Sara Barbado 00

Sara Barbado, owner of Ibiza Personal Trainers, She is an expert in XBODY EMS, BTS, TRX, CrossFit, Hypopressives, Power Plate, Kettlebells or Zumba, among other disciplines. With it you can adapt your workouts to the place and time that suits you best. You can go to your center, in Sant Jordi, or take your classes outdoors, at home or even on your boat.


Kiko Miralles personal trainer Ibiza15314_n

Kiko Miralles He has been working as a gymnastics coach for more than 20 for years. In addition, he practices martial arts since 25. He has a degree in sports science and has a PhD. Do you need any more reason not to call him already? It will make an anthropometric tracking through which you will measure both the fat percentage and body measurements. Then you will see the results.


Zuka Ibiza personal trainer 00

If you are one of those who have trouble going to the gym, Iratxe, Zuka Ibiza Personal Trainer, it will make it easy for you. It has more than 24 years of experience and, in addition to helping you get fit, performs rehabilitation exercises. With it you can practice aerobics, pilates, sports gymnastics, pelvic floor ... It is also a TRX monitor and offers Zumba and Zumka classes (zumba + zuka).



Installations Pilates Ibiza They are perfect for the practice of this discipline. They are certified by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance), a global alliance that regulates that all schools and professionals follow the same procedures. In addition to Pilates mat, they also teach recovery classes, for people with injuries or for pregnant women.



Mario Simón will be your instructor in Chikung and Taichi Ibiza. It offers private classes of Taichi, Chikung and meditation, three disciplines with innumerable health benefits. Simon took the gold medal in the second Taichi European Championship and internal styles held in Moscow and in the Fourth Taichi World Cup, which took place in Taiwan, he won a second place. Without a doubt, she is the ideal person if you want to start any of these practices.



If something is good for Sanya is to spread your energy, so if you need someone to encourage you to achieve your goals, you have found the right person. With it you can sign up for private classes, in groups and at home. His extensive experience is able to impart any level and has its own material.

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