Get to know San Antonio with the free Nordic walking routes


One Sunday a month during this winter 2019-2020 the City Council of San Antonio returns to organize its free Nordic walking routes

One more winter, the City Hall of San Antonio offers you an authentic plan to discover the natural beauties of the municipality. It is a new edition of its Nordic Walking or Nordic Walking, a series of excursions Returns which you can not miss.

As you see the exits take place once a month. Except for the first excursion, scheduled on Saturday 28 2019 September to 17:30 hours, the rest are always on sunday and at 10 hours.

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These excursions allow you to know almost all the charming corners of San Antonio:

-San Mateo on September 28 2019
-San Rafael on October 20 2019
-Buscastell and Forada on November 17 2019
-Can Bonet the December 15 2019
-Costa de San Antonio on January 12 2020
-Santa Inés the 9 of February 2020
-Can Tomás and Caminada per la Dona on March 8 2020
-And Route through Formentera on April 5 2020

Keep in mind that at these outputs It is not allowed to bring dogs.

The participants who make a minimum of 6 departures from the scheduled 8 will receive a gift at the end of the season To obtain it, you must present your participation card at the end of each departure.

Do not make up your mind and enjoy the pure air and the natural beauty of Ibiza now that we have the island for us!

Event Information

Nordic Walking Route

Location: San Antonio

Date: From Saturday 28 From September From 2019 to Sunday 5 From April From 2020

Schedule: 10 almost all hours (see program)

Entry price: Free

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