Ibiza reopens its swimming channel in open waters

The Ibiza Town Hall provides for a second year a swimming channel in open waters from El Soto to Figueretas, open until the 31 in October 2019

The City Council of Ibiza has enabled for the second consecutive year the open water swimming channel in the area of ​​Puig des Molins. An installation designed so that athletes can exercise and that will be open until the 31 October of 2019.

It is a channel of 650 meters long by 50 meters wide that runs through the area of ​​the coast that goes from El Copse, in the coastal area behind the Military Comandancia building, to Figueretas.

Delimited by white buoys (each 5 meters) and red buoys (each 25 meters) so that athletes can control the distance they swim, it is the swimming channel longest on the island.

In addition, the channel has two access points, with informative posters about the channel and safety recommendations. If you swim in it you have to keep in mind that it is a unguarded area and that it is advisable to avoid in case of strong or moderate waves. It is also convenient to remember that it is better swim accompanied or communicate to someone that you are going to go, for security, as well as protect you with sunscreen, use neoprene and a position buoy. Do not forget to respect other users, as well as the flora and fauna of the environment.


Event Information

Swimming channel in open water

Date: From Monday 15 From July From 2019 until Thursday 31 From October From 2019

Address: Coast area from El Soto to Figueretas, Ibiza

Entry price: Free

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