The most irresistible hamburgers of Ibiza are in these restaurants

Fans of the flesh, you are in luck! Here is a list of the best restaurants where you can eat a tasty hamburger in Ibiza

A burger is one of those dishes that few reject. A simple recipe that has become, in some places, the most elaborate. its global success has led the restaurants to look for new formulas and ingredients so as not to get stuck in the simple hamburger and in Ibiza they have been no less.

La american recipe, famous for being one of the most valued, has been exported around the world. At the moment, in the letters of the more refined restaurants we found their particular interpretation of the burger. Thus, they make their own bread or employ selected meats such as Wagyu or Kobe which make the difference between them.

In spite of also having a good number of detractors who think that it is not a healthy food, the truth is that we all want one from time to time and, therefore, we will help you in the search for the best burger in Ibiza.

Vinyl, in Sant Jordi. Chicken, veal, vegetarian, with tapenade, mango chutney, romescu sauce ... Be surprised by its great combinations.

Vinyl Ibiza

Two Two quality burgers, Ibiza Exquisite American burgers in a most pleasant atmosphere and carefully decorated to the millimeter.

202 hamburguer and delicious

Va Bene, Ibiza. One of the best options not only for the quality of their food but because, if it is late, they serve until late at night.

Go benne Ibiza

Project Social, Santa Eulalia. A modern and vintage restaurant at the same time in which both carnivores, vegetarians and vegans enjoy the burgers.


Brooklyn Burger, Ibiza In this hamburger center they make their burgers with meat from the Valleys of Esla, in León. Hard to beat huh!

Brooklyn burger Ibiza hamburger Ibiza 00

The Booo, Es Vivé, Ibiza. We advise you to go hungry. Huge and irresistible burgers you can not finish.

The Booo hamburgers Ibiza

Hard Rock Cafe Ibiza. Little remains to be said of the legendary Hard Rock that is not already known. 100% American recipes in one of the rock temples par excellence.


Lina Hamburger, Santa Eulalia One of the myths of the municipality. They prepare veal and beef with love!

Hamburgueseria Lina Santa Eulalia hamburgers Ibiza 00

Rickyssimo, It's Vivé, Ibiza. The line followed by all the dishes that come out of your kitchen also applies to hamburgers: homemade from start to finish.

Rickyssimo Ibiza

Friends Kitchen Ibiza, Bossa beach. An American dinner with bowling included in which the authentic American burgers are not lacking.


El Deseo, Jesus. The restaurant takes advantage of American influence in Mexico's cuisine to make tasty burgers.

The Wish Ibiza

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