Ibiza restaurants where you can eat or dine at any time

Have you been late to eat? Has dinner time passed? In these restaurants of Ibiza they will serve you at odd times throughout the summer

Ibiza is an island in which the clocks seem to stop. You are enjoying the beach, its landscapes or some other party, losing the notion of time is something that often happens here. Being aware of this, there are many shops and restaurants that have decided to adapt their schedules to the plans of tourists and residents who wish to stretch the maximum days and nights.

If there is something sacred in this life is eating and, so that you do not have to worry about closing the kitchens of the restaurants in Ibiza, we want to share with you this list of some places where you can eat late or dine at dawn. So you can squeeze every last second in those wonderful natural enclaves or leisure venues of Ibiza without any rush or hassles.

Sissi's Ibiza, playa d'en Bossa. Eat or dine at any time and enjoy fun live shows on the large terrace. International cuisine for all tastes.


Can Yucas, Saint Joseph. When you are at the beach you do not feel like thinking about the kitchens closing at 16 hours. Can Yucas opens it from 12 from noon until dawn so the rush is over.


Cova Santa, Saint Joseph. In addition to being able to dine until 3 at dawn then you can take advantage to stay for a drink in one of the most peculiar clubs in Ibiza.


It's Noray, Port of Ibiza. If you go shopping downtown and you are late to eat, come to Es Noray. Your kitchen opens from 12 to 1 in the early morning without rest.


It's Pins i Punt, Cala Pada, Santa Eulalia. One of the classics of the island leaves part of its kitchen open until four in the morning. You no longer have an excuse not to eat at any time.

It's Pins of Cala Pada Ibiza restaurant

Hamburguesería Va Bene, Ibiza. Well known by residents who want to snack on something, either day or night, and those who lose track of time easily.


Ipizza, Ibiza Do you want to take food home but you think it's late? Call Ipizza, deliver until two o'clock in the morning.

Ipizza restaurant Ibiza

The Winery, Ibiza Dinner until two in the morning and then stay for one of their exquisite cocktails in this beautiful center.


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