What would you like to eat today? Choose from the best Ibiza theme restaurants!

Japanese, Mexican, French, Peruvian food ... the possibilities are endless. There are dozens of themed restaurants in Ibiza, you just have to choose yours!

If anything can boast Ibiza is to have a cuisine Of the most expands and with countless Theme restaurants. On the island you will find establishments of all kinds that will satisfy any craving you may have.

The fact that millions of foreign tourists have visited the island every year has influenced the number of places that specialize in a specific type of food. Of what there is no doubt is that Ibiza offers you the possibility of Travel across the world By means of flavors and recipes genuine of the regions with a culinary tradition more recognized internationally.

Mexico, Japan, Italy, Nepal, Thailand ... practically all the cultures are present in Ibiza in the form of themed restaurant. Here we leave you a small list of some of the best in your field, where you can taste the Typical dishes of each region, because it has happened to all of us that a specific day awakens us the need to change taste, right? So what are you waiting for to move to the other side of the planet without leaving Ibiza?

-Muay Thai, Thai in Bou Creek. The essence of Thailand in its best dishes. Thai chefs who are experts in this art will prepare exquisite thai delicacies while soaking up the culture of this beautiful region.

Restaurant-Muay-Thai Ibiza

-Trattoria del Mar, Italian cuisine in Ibiza. Awarded twice with a Sol by the Repsol Guide and with stunning views of Dalt Vila. His homemade pappardelle lobster is a real delicacy.


-Can Limo, Peruvian restaurant in San José. The color predominates in this beautiful restaurant specialized in the increasingly popular Peruvian cuisine. Its beautiful views and culinary creations will not fail to surprise you.

Can Limo restaurant san jose ibiza 00

-Kinomi Ibiza, Japanese restaurant in San Jose. Masa and Yusuke prepare in little Kinomi what some already consider one of the best sushis on the island.

Kinomi sushi Ibiza

-Tijuana, Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. Known already by tourists and residents who want to try the delights of Mexican food with a select repertoire of rancheras in the background.


-Sa Finca, French restaurant in Santa Eulalia. Eric Tortoloni is the Belgian chef of Sa Finca, a restaurant with spectacular views in which French recipes prevail.

Sa Finca restaurant Santa Eulalia Ibiza 00

-Kathmandu 2, Indian restaurant in Ibiza. In Kathmandu 2 you will find a tasty fusion between Indian and Nepalese cuisine. The chicken with butter is one of its star dishes and the killsi ice cream of coconut milk is a must.


-The Baronesses, Indonesian cuisine in Santa Eulalia. Located in Cala Llonga, here they dominate a little extended kitchen, at least in Ibiza: that of Indonesia. Come and discover it on its large terrace.

Restaurant Baronesas Ibiza

-Chinese double happy, Chinese restaurant in Santa Eulalia. Chinese food is one of the most popular outside its borders. Here you can order it a la carte or in economical menus.

Happy double chinese restaurant ibiza 00

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