Discover the power of crystals in Holistic Borboleta Aeroyoga

Do you want to discover the power of stones? Holistic Borboleta Aeroyoga organizes a basic Gemotherapy Workshop on Saturday 27 of January 2018

La Gemotherapy It is an alternative therapy that uses semi precious stones to improve your physical and energetic health. It is based on the idea that crystals transmit, amplify and focus energy that surrounds us and affects us. Their advantage is also that they are very constant in the propagation of their vibrations and gemotherapy allows us to work at the same time on the mental, physical and spiritual planes, that is why it is also a kind of holistic therapy.

If you are interested in knowing more about the incredible properties of stones and how you can apply them in your daily life, do not miss the Basic Gemotherapy Workshop Level 1 that organizes the center Holistic Butterfly Aeroyoga In Ibiza city.

The workshop imparts it Mª Rita Manca, gems expert and owner of La Cueva De Mirose jewelry store, and the Saturday 27 of January of 2018 in the morning, from 10 to 13: 30 hours. The price of the workshop are 50 euros and you can sign up by sending a whatsapp to any of these phones: + 34 630 056 672 or + 34 680 551 344.

Harmonize your energy system and establish a correct flow that restores your own healing resources through this interesting workshop.

Program of Basic Gemotherapy Workshop Level 1

- Mineral Kingdom
-Features of minerals
-Gemotherapy and cosmic energy
-Healing effect of minerals
-cleaning, activation and programming of minerals
-The color of minerals
-The minerals and the chakras
-Principal healing minerals
-Technical choice of personal glass


Calle Sant Cristòfol 20, 1st floor, 07800, Ibiza

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