Ibiza Conscious

Healthy Ibiza guide where you can easily find information about the other Ibiza, an alternative, healthy, natural and conscious Ibiza.


Beyond the worldwide fame of Ibiza linked to the party and endless debauchery, there is another island which is a real haven of peace, spirituality and good vibrations.

A Ibiza aware, formed by a cosmopolitan and varied community of people from all over the world who value their lot by living in an environment of incomparable natural beauty. An Ibiza concerned about the conservation of these treasures, ecological, respectful, responsible, which seeks to preserve the beauty of its turquoise waters and calm coves, those fields carved of red earth populated with olive and juniper and that incomparable magnetism with which the island enamora and catches those who know it.

It is an Ibiza that bets for a healthy life style, in balance and harmony with its beautiful surroundings. That is why it is not surprising that there are an infinity of options in Ibiza healthy nutrition, de ecological farms, de bio product stores, or that you can even acquire artisan products directly from the hand of those who produce them in markets or places of exchange.

Few places offer you so many options for take care of your mind, soul and body like Ibiza,where there are multiple specialized centers offering Yoga classes of the most diverse styles, and the most varied therapies, from family constellations to healings, through reiki, spiritual cleansing, meditations, kinesiology ... Ibiza is a conscious island, captivating, full of magic, sensitivity and creative talent, a place with a very powerful spiritual energy. We invite you to know more about this land that, according to the Phoenicians, was blessed by the gods ...