Accommodations and retreats

Ibiza is an ideal destination for relaxation and personal growth. It has accommodation and specialized retreats in which to rest and follow health, wellness and detox programs

We never tire of commenting and we will never tire, Ibiza is one of the best places in the world to put your body, your mind and your spirit in peace. It is the perfect place to disconnect, take care of you and, above all, let them take care of you. Where everything is harmony, beauty, nature and balance.

In short, the island of Ibiza it is a place to come stay and stay as long as you can. E Ibiza knows, that's why there are accommodations and retreats that take care of even the smallest detail, integrated into the spectacular Mediterranean landscape of this island so green, so blue, so luminous and so full of energy. From beautiful indoor agrotourisms camouflaged with the environment, to accommodations designed for your total carelessness or retreats to forget the world or get back into it.

All lodgings and withdrawals have, to a greater or lesser extent, gym and spa. In them you can choose from a variety of treatments such as relaxing massages, Thai, sports, facial ... They also perform beauty care like facial cleansings, peels, masks and even yoga or meditation classes. And we can not forget their restaurants with menus varied and healthy To make the experience complete.

There are plenty of good options that you can gradually discover in this section. Choose well according to your preferences, your needs and your pocket.

Gardens, sculptures, towels and white sheets, water, flowers, charming corners, wood, breeze, tinkling, waves ... a celebration of the quiet life, of the slow life, centered in you so that you are the protagonist or you pass unnoticed, so that you think or so that you do not do it.

Surely you find that place where you will feel that they were waiting for you.