Healthy food in Ibiza

In Ibiza there are endless restaurants, farms and ecological farms where to buy organic food to carry a varied and balanced diet

Maybe that Ibiza is an island of small size, make one in constant contact and communication with nature. Both its coast and its interior are strong and full of life and this makes us, in one way or another, take more awareness of our body and ultimately our health and our environment. That may be why Ibiza has a very large diversity in terms of alternative food refers.

From food Bio, macrobiotic food, organic products even restaurants with own garden. Of course, there is also a whole range of options for vegetarian diets and / or any other regimen containing any food intolerance such as gluten or lactose.
And if you do not want to move from home but have your pantry up to date there are farms and cooperatives in which for a price per month you reserve a box of seasonal products, ie products that have not been treated with any type of pesticide or chemical that is not natural; that have been cultivated respecting the own cycles of the nature and, of course, that they are not transgenic.

In short, a paradise for lovers of your body, your mind and for those who are aware of themselves and their environment as, in addition to ensuring products rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, also provide benefits for the environment and for the local agricultural and livestock community.
Discover here, the shops and supermarkets, restaurants with ecological, vegetarian and vegan, the artisanal processing farms, bars with 100% natural productsand all that to conscious eating it means. We are what we eat so ... eat healthy, live healthy and act healthy.