Festivals and Events Ibiza Consciente

Events, festivals and events surrounding healthy living and the world of alternative therapies on the island of Ibiza.

Ibiza is an island that believes. He believes in the whole, in the communion of difference, in the energy of nature and in the individual's own. That is why it is not surprising that it is a place of reference in the practice and teaching of alternative therapies and treatments and that, on different dates throughout the year, various meetings are held on the island to inspire, enjoy and learn more about life through these therapies and healthy philosophies.

All designed to open your heart your mind and your spirit while you have a good time in dream environments, as these meetings are usually organized by and in charming hotels and emblematic agrotourisms of the island; first, because they breathe happiness and balance in them and second, because they defend this lifestyle in their work, decoration, attention and of course, in their activities and extras.

On these healthy days of festivals, meetings, coexistence or as you want to call them, you will find different workshops, lectures, classes and group activities. From group meditation, yoga, free dance, tantric chanting in circles ... to vegetarian and vegan healthy food, juices, teas ... plus a myriad of activities for children to have a good time and everyone can participate.

Without a doubt, Ibiza offers the opportunity to try and take an interest in a multitude of alternative therapies and in these meetings, most of the times, for free. A great way to enjoy the island while practicing stress management, peaceful thinking, awareness of one's voice, quantum healing ... or simply let yourself be carried away by the good atmosphere and the good music that always accompanies every event in Ibiza.

Here you will find all the information you need for personal development, quality of life, well-being, nutrition and natural healing through these unique encounters that could only take place in a site as unique as the island of Ibiza.