Groups and Associations

In Ibiza there are organizations and non-profit groups that intervene to protect and defend the rights of who or who can not do it.

Although many times it is difficult to fight against "the giants" who are many and strong: oil companies, construction companies, mining companies, promoters .... who want to transform the island for "a common economic good" or so they say, the fact is that Ibiza and its inhabitants, even if they do not live here, put on their boxing gloves and do whatever it takes to preserve and maintain the green island , clear, clean, open and respect as much as possible, both in its solid and liquid form.


Maybe it's time to get a little more serious. Ibiza deserves it so that it remains what it is and precisely that is what makes it a unique place where we love to live and where tourists and visitors always want to return. And that is why Ibiza has serious associations, foundations, NGOs, ... to maintain and improve what we ultimately want: conservation of the marine environment, recovery of the rural environment, solidarity economy, reuse and recycling of waste and an endless of important issues that must be kept in mind now and for the future.

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But also, and even more importantly, there are all kinds of groups and associations that defend the rights, inclusion, equal and visibility of people with functional diversity because, Ibiza and as we have been saying in this section of Conscious Ibiza, It is an island that is recognized for its plurality, diversity and variety of people who inhabit it and love it. In short, an Ibiza for all to enjoy.

Here you will find many of these associations and groups and the description of their work, most of them non-profit. We hope the list gets bigger every day because it will mean that we are becoming more aware of everything around us and that we are becoming more generous and supportive. Sure Ibiza, thank you.