Mind and body

The physical and mental development allows us to realize ourselves as human beings, achieve balance and harmony and transcend to higher versions of ourselves. Discover thousands of ways to grow in Ibiza

You do exist a privileged place for integral development of body and mind is the island of Ibiza. Here you will find countless options for treat, heal and care for your mind, soul and body from a wide range of approaches, mostly from a holistic, inclusive perspective, which considers that all our perceptions, desires, emotions, thoughts and intentions directly affect our body and our health general.

In Ibiza there are a bunch of therapy centers which include ancestral techniques and disciplines such as yoga, of which you can find practically all the styles (kundalini, vinyasa, hatha, bikram, hot yoga, acroyoga ...) chi kung, pilates, tai chi, family constellations, healings, reiki, spiritual cleansing, kinesiology, human design, meditation, rebirding... Even workshops sexology and tantra!

The list of techniques that together problems of body and mind It is very long. Keep in mind that this is a cosmopolitan and open island, that's why we are lucky to have a lot of professionals from all over the world that bring different visions and knowledge from other latitudes. Thus, it will be easy for you to find whoever treats you through Chinese medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, osteopathy, shiatsu or Thai massage.

And at the same time, there is a wide variety of conferences, workshops, courses and retreats of all kinds where you can train in a professional way or open your mind to new techniques with which to take better care of you.
And is that we must not forget that one of our goals as human beings is the improvement of our capabilities to achieve a balance that allows us to be happy and contribute to the change we want in the world. To make it, we must take care of our mental and physical health, which are closely related and must be developed and strengthened at the same time. Here we will help you discover a lot of ways to grow and make the most of yourself. Prepared?