Ibitoldos y Alma Tapicería Creativa

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Address / Location

Highway from Ibiza to San José, kilometer 1,1. 07817, Sant Jordi, Ibiza

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Monday through Friday from 8 to 15.30 hours
Monday through Friday from 8 to 15.30 hours
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Closed for vacations
Fifteen days at Christmas and the last 15 of August

Ibitoldos and Alma Tapicería Creativa, in Ibiza, offer you the most functional awning models and the best interior and exterior upholstery work

If you are looking for the seriousness and professionalism of a awnings and upholstery company in Ibiza, rest assured that you can go to Ibitoldos y Alma Tapicería Creativa. This property Sant Jordi, San José, takes 16 years to the service of its customers and, in addition, has more than 30 years of experience in upholstery.

In Ibitoldos and Alma Tapicería Creativa are responsible for all kinds of work related to the exterior upholstery as design and installation of awnings, mats or pool covers. They are also experts in interior upholstery, that is, creation of sofa covers, curtains or cushions, among others. Dan service to both individuals and businesses. They also carry out all types of custom sofas for your home. Puffs, mattresses ... present your idea and do what you can to make it happen.

Are Specialty in performing sail type awnings, highly demanded today for being practical and elegant. One of their strengths is that they employ the best materials for the preparation of their products. They have awnings made with PVC of acrylic to canvas Soltis Ferrari, a special fabric that allows the passage of air but not the sun. Right now, it is one of the most requested materials in the market and, of course, you can find it in Ibitoldos, since always look for the latest news, without leaving aside the functionality.

Create biminis (awnings), covers or mats for boats. For this they make use of fabrics and special nautical foams that extend the life of these products.

The professionals of this well-known company will be transferred to your home or business, free of charge, to check which product best suits your needs and tastes. Based on this, they will prepare a customized budget and without any commitment. Once accepted, they will begin to work with the efficiency and speed that characterizes them to deliver the work as soon as possible and thus achieve the satisfaction of all those who place their trust in them.

How to get there

Ibitoldos is located on the road from Ibiza to San José, at kilometer 1. You will see it when passing the roundabout of Mercadona, on the right, in front of the famous Maison de l'Elephant. Alma Upholstery Creative is right on the premises next door.


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