Floristería Es Romaní

Address / Location

Carrer de Fornàs 43 (Ca n'Escandell), 07800, Ibiza

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10 13.30 from a 17.30 to 20.30 and hours
10 13.30 from a 17 to 20 and hours
Saturday afternoon and Sunday

In Floristería Es Romaní, in Ibiza, they are experts in centers, bouquets and floral decoration from 1990. Find the ideal flower for the perfect moment

Flower shop Es Romaní, en Ibiza, takes nothing more and nothing less than from 1990 lending his services to the whole island. His extensive experience has turned her into a favorite of residents.

In Es Romaní they will achieve to enliven your senses by means of the different colors, shapes, textures and aromas of the flowers. They do not just focus on the sale of flowers and plants, but are engaged in carrying out decoration and floral arrangements for events, bouquets and funerary art.

In any case, the Options what they offer you are infinite. A priori, it may be difficult to choose between such variety but as soon as you know Nieves, its owner, the choice will be much easier. He will attend you personally and help you to solve your possible doubts. The passion that he feels for his work and the professionalism of the one who shows at all times will make you right whatever your intention.

Want give a beautiful bouquet to that special person? In florist Es Romaní you will give with the most complete and original. In addition, to make the surprise even greater, They can take it themselves.
If you prefer a plant, you should know that they have so much indoor as well as outdoor and, if what you want is to give a touch of warmth to your home, they also have decorative elements such as vases, wicker baskets or pots, Among others.

As for the celebrations, it should be noted that they are experts in centers, bouquets and floral decoration. Whether it's a baptism, a communion, a wedding or an anniversary make use of all their creativity to achieve Arouse in you a great smile and the astonishment of your guests. Every special occasion deserves to be surrounded by flowers, that's why also work for hotels, boats or restaurants.

If you are looking for Seriousness of who takes care of every little detail You are in the right place. Both in its social networking profile like on your website you can find examples of some of his works.

Roses, lilies, daisies, tulips, coves, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids ... As Nieves says «There is a flower for every moment» and in Floristía Es Romaní you will always find the right one.

How to get there

It is located in the area of ​​Casas Baratas. If you are at the McDonald's roundabout, take the exit that goes to the airport, then the first on the right and then the first street on which you can turn left. A few meters, as in the middle of the street, you will find the florist.



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