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Sanya Vinkovich is your private Pilates teacher in Ibiza. Classes of any level, individuals or in small groups, at home throughout the island

Try one Pilates class in Ibiza with Sanya is to stay with her forever. his experience and, above all, its charisma, make their sessions moments of the most entertaining. Of course, your demanding character will also make you sweat the fat drop!

Sanya Vinkovich carries seven years teaching in one of the best and most advanced private Pilates centers in Ibiza. Three years ago he decided to share the benefits that this method has for health in general through his private classes. Pilates mat and classic Pilates (floor) ... You just have to choose where you want to do it because, yes, Sanya it moves comfortably wherever you prefer. Boats, villas and hotels around the whole island, no problem!

The Pilates of this professional is indicated for all kinds of people: athletes, people dedicated to the world of fitness who want to keep their good form or level up, embarazadas (prepartum and postpartum) ... You can also practice it personas with injuries, physical problems, that have suffered some type of accident or operation and need to recover, people with reduced mobility or even of the third Age. Sanya is trained to give any level: basic, intermediate and advanced.

To make it even easier, Sanya has its own material. Cushions, large balls, small, weights, elastic bands, hoops ... You will not have to worry about anything other than enjoying your classes.

You will soon discover that she is a girl of the most dynamic, eager to work and with an immense passion for his work. Get ready to take out all the strength you have not come to use before. At the end of the session you will feel incredibly good and it is that Sanya spreads your energy. Forget those boring classes in which all you do is watch the clock.

In addition to individual or couple classes, also works with groups up people 10. Has some very flexible schedules, so you will always find a gap that fits in your daily routine.

By the way, you should know that language will not be a problem either. Sanya speaks Spanish, Italian and English perfectly!

Contact her for Whatsapp, email or phone and discover your new ally to stay in shape and fill those dead times with this fun occupation.


  1. ANNIA says

    Good morning Sanya,

    I would be interested in taking a few days of personal training on the island. I will be there for a while, in the beginning indefinitely, and I would like to continue with my sporting activity, I usually train with a personal trainer. Here on the island I still do not know if I'm interested in training in a gym with a coach or outdoors with a personal trainer.

    I would like to know what prices you have in function if I take loose sessions or training bonuses and what availability you would have.

    On the other hand, what specialty do you have? I want to tone up, burn abdominal fat, but I can not make an impact because I have back problems and it is very easy for me to pinch the pyramidal and make false sciatica

    Thank you very much

    1. Sanya says

      Good morning Annia! Thank you very much for your email!
      My training depends totally on the needs and desires of the client, so the class can be classic or contemporary pilates, a functional training with or without weights, classic cardio or intensive metabolic trainings (HIITs). Also in the same class, on the same day, you can combine any of this modality, always based on what is the client's particular objective. Now, the solid background I have in the pilates helps me to be able to train and demand the most from each body, while paying attention to their particularities and individual needs. It seeks and focuses on what is best for your particular anatomy, your physical condition at this time, and your personal goal.
      Prices - single classes go to 50 euros. If the person agrees to take fixed classes per week, the price is 40 euros per session. And here, I have some small adjustments: doing 2 times per week goes to 300 euros per month (instead of 320). If they are 3 times per week, they are 450 euros (instead of 480). With 4 times per week the month goes to 600 euros (instead of 640).
      Respect for availability, afternoons I have quite busy, in the mornings for my best, but you can always talk and organize.
      Once again thank you for your mail and if you have any other question or query, here I am!

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