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9 to 14 hours and 17 to 23
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Kiko Miralles is your personal trainer of confidence in Ibiza. Bachelor and doctorate in sports science, will help you achieve all your goals

If you have set a goal related to health and wellness of your body Kiko Miralles will help you achieve it with the best of guarantees.

Miralles is not only Bachelor of Science in Sport but also has a doctorate in this field. Does more than 20 years as a gymnastics trainer and martial arts since 25. His extensive training and experience make him a trust trainer which will give you the security you need to achieve your goals.

Depending on the characteristics of each person and the needs he possesses, Miralles takes care of advise you on the type of exercise and training whichever suits you. It takes into account all the variables involved in choosing one method or another, since each body is different as well as its goals.

Train athletes from different disciplines, to people who intend to lose weight and those who simply want enjoy fitness classes customized.

You no longer have an excuse not to get a perfect body as Miralles makes it easy moving to where it suits you and offering you a wide availability of schedules. A villa, a boat, a private center ... any place is suitable for a good workout. As well attend gyms, preferably in the famous Nirvana.

Within personal training, there are different types and, in addition, with this professional sports you can practice martial arts, boxing, acrobatics or even combine various disciplines and exercises. And is that, in addition to meeting your goals, Miralles transmits your energy and makes you enjoy the sport as it makes it a pleasant time.

Not only focuses on the physical aspect, but to achieve greater effectiveness, it performs a anthropometric monitoring in each case with which measures both fat percentage and body measurements. In this way, checking the good results obtained is much simpler!

Of course, it is capable of working with homogeneous groups, that have the same physical conditions and a similar objective. In addition, to make it even easier, has session bonuses.

Contact Kiko Miralles, share your intentions with him and follow a plan of action of the most effective. The commitment it acquires with each of its customers is in itself a great motivation.


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