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Address / Location

Ibiza: Diputat Street Josep Ribas 5 and Paseo Vara de Rey 24. 07800
Formentera: Pla del Rei 115, Sant Francesc. 07860

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From Monday to Saturday from 10 to 13.30 and from 17 to 20.30. In Vara de Rey they close at 22 hours
Monday through Saturday from 10.00 to 13.30 and 17.00 to 20.30 hours
Sundays (except Vara de Rey, which in summer opens from 10 to 14)

Vila Vins is one of the most complete Ibiza companies in beverage distribution. Events, tastings, training ... the world of wine in one space!

Vila Vins He was born in 2008 in Ibiza as company specializing in wines and accessories, being to this day also distributor of wines, champagnes and champagnes, among others. It has opened two more stores, one of them in Formentera, which have been transformed into places of worship for wine lovers, where they can enjoy all the particularities and secrets of the world of oenology.

The three establishments are run by a team of this sector that will help you choose between more than 2000 references of broths they own. In their well-maintained facilities you will find the brands of the best national and international wineries, as well as an assortment of Gourmet products such as salts, snacks, chocolates and even caviar (the latter on demand).

In addition to being able to acquire the latest novelties and classics, Vila Vins offers you the chance to try them. A fabulous option for those who still do not have a favorite wine. In its shop of Vara de Rey they have a dispenser called Enomatic with ten different varieties. They will give you a card that you can recharge with the amount of money you want and redeem in the machine for one tasting, half a glass or a whole glass. The Prices vary depending on the type of wine, however, they are the most affordable. Sit at one of your tables and enjoy a original appointment and a great atmosphere. And if you are more than vermouth, you can not lose yourself Sundays in Vila Vins. From 11 to 14 hours, when you buy a snack, you are invited to this drink. You can be aware of all your events if you subscribe to the Vila Vins blog through its website, In addition, you can also make your online shopping.

If you feel like starting out in the wine world they also organize formations, blind tastings, personalized ... They have one room with capacity for 20 people in which one of its three sommeliers will plunge you into the world of this elixir. In addition, they offer training for employees. How to serve or how to correctly uncork a bottle will be just some of the techniques that will dominate after the course. Your team also consists of a professional cocktail which is responsible for teaching to maridar all kinds of liquors such as gin. In fact, some Thursday in winter they prepare dinners in different restaurants whose menu maridan with concrete wineries Attending one of them is a luxury!

You may already be a wine connoisseur, in that case you should know that in your street shop Diputat Josep Ribas they have opened a small high-end wine area You will not be able to resist!

Finally, they wine charts for restaurants, in addition to custom business gifts like baskets.

Si quieres give somebody special with a detail you will never forget, visit Vila Vins and let yourself be surprised by the number of options that will offer you and by your impeccable service.

How to get there

La street shop Diputat Josep Ribas is close to the port of Ibiza. Right next to the famous restaurant La Tagliatella.

Vila Vins de Vara de Rey It is at the beginning of the walk, a little before the Vara de Rey bookstore.

The establishment of Formentera It is located in the town of Sant Francesc, in the Plà des Rei street that goes to the Cap de Barbaria.

Vila Vins
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