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El well being of our body and mind is fundamental so that our pace of life can not suffer the damage that can produce the stress, seasonal changes or, for example, variations in our diet.

Sometimes, to alleviate these small adverse effects, we need a little help and why not? allow us a small luxury that will get us out of the monotony of everyday life.

In Ibiza there is a lots of spas where you can enjoy the tranquility that, at least once a year, deserves your body. The list is long and very varied according to the treatments you want to receive or the environment that you want to be involved during your moment of relaxation.

Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness Ibiza.

Most of Ibiza's spas are located in the most famous hotels and agrotourisms of the island. Can Curreu, Atzaró or Hard Rock Hotel have the state-of-the-art facilities and the latest treatments to enjoy a pampering session without equal.

Combining Treatments Eastern and Western ancestral techniques, massages that alternate with music or retreats and courses that will make you feel the peace inside you, never forgetting the connection that must exist between him and your exterior.

The mind is not at odds with the body and precisely because of this, these centers also offer an endless beauty treatments oriented to the demands of your body. Choose between treatments facial or body and the products they will use during your care.

These establishments have the best brands in the market to make your experience unforgettable.

Spend a day at a spa and disconnects from everything and everyone, enjoy it in pairs or give it to that friend that you love so much, because everyone we deserve it!

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