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The Villa is located in the area of ​​San Agustín, four kilometers from San José.

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They open from Easter to the end of October

At DePura Ibiza you are given the necessary tools to achieve the inner peace that your body needs in moments of agitation and to learn the most beneficial techniques for your body

If you believe that a point has arrived in your life in which you need to improve certain aspects to feel better about yourself, both physically and emotionally, DePura Ibiza will help you carry out that transformation.

Join them and discover all the possibilities that offer you, sure that there are some that suits your requirements and lifestyle. Your professionals will be happy to create a specialized program, centered only in you and in the moment you go through, since these determine your moods.

Depending on how you are, you can opt for some vacation or a small retreat. In these programs of seven, fourteen days or weekends you can carry out detox retreats, yoga and healthy food or fasting therapy. These health vacations, as they are called in DePura Ibiza, have all inclusive. Treatments, therapies, hiking trails and even transport to the airport. They themselves create a plan for every day that, at the end, makes people go "happy, like floating," says Mapi, one of its creators.

If, on the other hand, what you prefer is to do a workshop to learn about a specific subject, you can choose between conscious meditation, breathing or eating, for example. And if you want to start with something lighter before embarking on a retirement adventure you should try their sessions of Reiki, Yoga or Bach Flowers.

Undoubtedly, the environment that surrounds this beautiful enclave is essential when carrying out its activities and, therefore, they prefer to be the ones who pick you up, to keep that magic secret. In DePura Ibiza you will be welcomed in a wonderful villa in complete connection with nature. It is located on the top of a mountain where you can contemplate spectacular views and sunsets that will be protagonists of your moments of peace.

As DePura Ibiza's slogan says, 'Living in harmony' is its main goal, a physical, mental harmony with nature and your diet.


Dare to try your yoga retreats and detox in which welfare and the search for new paths prevail. They are some of the most popular among his faithful followers.


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