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San Rafael Street, 9 B. 07816, San Antonio, Ibiza

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From 9.30 to 13.30 hours and from 16.30 to 19.30. Saturdays from 10 to 14 hours
From 9.30 to 13.30 hours and from 16.30 to 19.30. Saturdays from 10 to 14 hours
Saturday afternoon and Sunday

Pachamama is a new sustainable store in San Antonio where you can buy a large number of products in bulk and attend interesting workshops and talks to promote care for the environment

Pachamama It's a nice store downtown San Antonio where they are strongly Committed to the environment. Therefore, all products sold in this sustainable store they are oriented to cause the least possible impact on our environment, following the philosophy of the Zero Waste movement.

All Pachamama items are organic and are sell in bulk, something hard to find today in Ibiza. In this way, you can only buy what you are going to consume, thus avoiding that you have to waste as much money as food.

They have a large section of spices to spice up your dishes, from seeds, cereals, nuts or flours. In addition, they possess artisan pastas, legumes, rice and teas.

You can also acquire fruit and vegetable, of course, of local producers.

Another interesting option offered in this beautiful store is to buy cereals so that Make your own bread. Right there they have a grinder in which they will grind your cereals so you can take the flour you prefer.

But in Pachamama you will not find only food. They also have Hygiene items such as shower gel in bulk, soap in a tablet or detergents. They also have brooms made of wood and natural fiber or wooden brushes and brushes. All biodegradable.

On the other hand, you can attend the workshops that they will celebrate in a space that they have enabled for all types of meetings. Do not lose sight of your Facebook page since they will announce them through it. There will be on nutrition, environment, sewing workshops to make your own bags for purchase ...

Stop by Pachamama and let Charlotte, its owner, will advise you in a friendly and professional way about healthy nutrition or methods for Protect the environment as some alternatives to the use of articles that are not reusable.

How to get there

Pachamama is on Calle Sant Rafel number 9, very close to the post office, in front of the Carlín bookstore.


  1. Deschodt reign says

    Bravo Charlotte pour cette belle boutique ... .as a créneau porteur et tu auras vite une clientèle
    Alors, tous nos vœux de réussite t accompagnent et on t embrasse
    Reine et patrick

    1. charlotte d'adhemar says

      Merci pour ce gentile Reine et Patrick!
      Je vous embrasse fort aussi!

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