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Las Dalias: Highway Ibiza - San Carlos, kilometer 12, 07850, Santa Eulalia. In winter, call to visit your workshop

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Las Dalias: Saturdays from 10 to 21 hours. Monday and Tuesday from 19 to 1 hours
Closed for vacations
From November until Easter only opens in his workshop

Linda Ibiza Leather Art has become a must stop in Las Dalias. Originals handbags, jewelery or decoration in leather of extraordinary quality

After years traveling around the world, Linda decided to settle in Ibiza, sharing with the island all her talent. The leather works of his firm (Linda Ibiza Leather Art) are authentic works of art.

The way he manipulates this material is fascinating. With him he is able to create beautiful handbags, vests, imitation jewelery, belts ... all kinds of accessories that add a unique touch to any look.

With only 11 years Linda started in this world attracted by the sewing machine that her mother owned. Over time and after checking that the design was something that he was passionate about, he began a journey of the most enriching. Created collections in different parts of the world as, for example, in Asia.

Ten years later, Linda Ibiza, where he found his place and managed to fulfill one of his dreams: set up a post in Las Dalias. Today your stop is one of the most popular of the hippie flea market. A true showroom in which your designs look with a special energy. When you pass through it, it is impossible not to come close to admiring and even testing some of your pieces.

Speaking of Las Dalias, you can quickly sense the affection he feels for the market, since he assures that it is where he finds part of his inspiration. Linda takes advantage of the number of people from different backgrounds who go through it to look at the taste of women. This way you get create accessories that adapt perfectly to any type of style, that bring that extra touch that we all seek.

All skin by Linda Ibiza Leather Art Acquires it in Spain and quality is extraordinary. With it realizes extremely sturdy models that you can look like new year after year The dream of every woman!

Some time ago he decided to immerse himself in the decoration sector. Their cushions and carpets have a spectacular finish and combine with everything type of environments. Check it out for yourself at your Las Dalias post or, why not, at your own workshop. During the off-season, when the flea market is closed, Linda is dedicated to designing her collections on it. If you want to get one of your designs, you only have to contact her and go to the workshop. There, in addition to seeing a great sample of his work, you will witness how the artist works.

By the way, be careful because you will soon be able to acquire the creations of Linda Ibiza Leather Art through internet.


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