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Residencial Peralta, location 4A. 07850, San Carlos, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

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Monday through Friday from 12 to 22 hours
Monday through Friday from 10 to 20 hours
Generally, Saturdays and Sundays
Closed for vacations
From the end of November until Easter

Belinda is one of the most original shops in Ibiza. Find unique clothing and textile decoration in this beautiful corner of San Carlos, Santa Eulalia

Maybe even if you have not stepped on this beautiful store of the village of Saint Charles, its designs sound to you of something and is that Belinda He has been sharing his creations with the world for years through a small position in the Las Dalias Market. Known ya by tourists and locals, a few years ago decided to open a small establishment in the town of the municipality of Santa Eulalia.

In it you will find a varied sample of clothes in most cases from Asia, however, its owner takes advantage of his trips to bring unique garments from various parts of the world. It does not conform to the first thing that it finds, but it is dedicated to travel different tribes and in them he acquires what is most special to him. Shirts, dresses, skirts, vests, trousers... if you're bored to always dress like the rest, this is your store. Some of the items that hang from their coat racks have been designed by Belinda herself, who personally choose the fabrics with which to make them later. What is clear is that you will not have to worry about running into someone who looks the same as you, something that brings us to Ibiza. Their business shows exclusive, no two equal, so if you do with yours be sure to be unique.

If something characterizes Belinda, it's the originality of all the pieces that fill their corners. A place full of colorful and printed that will leave you amazed from the moment you cross the door. You may not be able to leave the store without a bag in your hand. That your closet is full is no excuse. In the premises you will also find elements of textile decoration as cushions, elegant carpets, puffs or bedspreads with which to give a new look to your home.

You'll also find the perfect gift for that special friend. Their Bags, as well as the purses, they are wonderful. It also has pieces of imitation jewelery with a host of styles that will give that different touch to your look. Do not hesitate to consult his owner Any question that comes up will help you with the kindness which shows every day of the week.

How to get there

To get to San Carlos you must go to Santa Eulalia, leave the village behind and pass the Las Dalias Market. You will find it immediately and, once there, the first thing you will see will be its beautiful Church. When you get there, take the first street on the right and you will find the store. It is right next to La Caixa bank.


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